Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby's First Christmases

Colin's Christmas experience started at my Mom's. This was in the middle of doing his stocking, he decided his socks were more fun.
Showing off his two teeth.

Lukas with the Puffs from his stocking. Apparently food is better than toys.

Colin and Lukas were very cute together. It was almost as if the didn't believe each other was 'real' Lukas kept trying to touch Colin's eyes. I think Lukas was attempting to hug Colin in this picture.

Colin's First Christmas at our house. Colin and I opening his gifts (this was from Sean's friend Jenny)
Colin opening gifts with his Dad.
He would rather eat the gifts than open them.
Colin's First Christmas with the Berry's

Here is my attempt at wrapping gifts with fabric. I has hoped to seam the sides but only got one done. When I got home and realized all my wrapping paper was still at my mom's I figured I might as well use the fabric I purchased even if it had ruff edges. We wrapped all of our own gifts then wrapped all the Berry's gifts in it.


Anonymous said...

Note to future inventors..make edible socks and it will be a huge kick with kids under 3 as a gift!!!!

looks like you all were VERY busy with holiday season. I am glad that you all had a great time.- Elaine

Anonymous said...

Bec..I love your camera!! You can really see the difference. I will have to put it on my wish list for Santa next year! xo Mama