Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Colin is 5 months old!

We aren't going to the doctors every month anymore so I can't give you his height and weight at this time. This photo is from yesterday when I took Colin outside to experience his first snowfall! When I looked outside the snowflakes were the size of cotton balls and I thought they would look great in photos, but of course by the time we actually got him all dressed and outside the snow had changed into a smaller wetter flake. Bummer. He seemed to really enjoy it. So what is Colin doing at 5 months old?
  • Baby Signing Time, he loves it!!
  • His feet, he just found his feet this week and he can't get enough.
  • Sitting up, he started sitting up by himself in October and now he is really able to hold himself steady...but I still wouldn't sit him up and walk away.
  • Eating. Man does this boy like to eat his solid foods. He hasn't refused to eat anything yet, we have tried, rice cereal, bananas, pears, apples and avocado. He has been having some tummy troubles lately so we are going to slow down on introduction of new foods and let him really get used to these.
  • Books, he really seems to enjoy being read too, especially when his daddy makes all the funny voices.
  • Speaking of Daddy! The boy lights up like a firecracker when daddy comes home. It is really adorable


  • Tummy time. We are forcing the issue a little bit to get him more interested in rolling over, but he really doesn't like being left on his tummy.
  • 4am. If he is going to scream its at 4am.
  • Teething. While he did much better with the second tooth than the first, it certainly wasn't painless.


  • Still not putting more than 4 hours together but recently Colin has decided that 4am is the morning and will stay awake for two hours. Once he goes back to sleep he ends up sleeping until 10am with a meal in there somewhere. but this is not ideal. We think it might be caused by the solids giving his tummy some trouble and making him gassy so we have moved dinner time up a few hours to see if that helps him finish digesting before he goes to sleep.


Anonymous said...

He looks like he his enjoying the outdoors. If you wanted to come visit me will see plenty of snow. =)

Are you functioning well on 4 hours of sleep or is it getting to you now that it has been months with limited sleep? How has the balance been with school and Colin? What are your holiday plans, you traveling?-Elaine

Carol said...

Becky, Becky I live your blog, you keep it so up to date, I find I quickly get behind. Thanks GGG

Kristeen said...

I can see his tooth!! Love it!

Becky said...

I'm mostly functioning just fine. It is amazing what the body can get used to. School is going well, I'm optimistic I'll be graduating next summer. As for the holiday plans, we are going to my moms!! I'm so ready, there is no place like 'home' for Christmas, and this time of year home is where your mom is!