Friday, December 12, 2008

Eco-friendly Christmas Tree

I was thinking about this as I put up the tree last night, if someone asked me if real or fake trees where more eco-friendly I would have definitely said fake. They are re-usable and you don't cut down trees! NOT SO! Check out this website. Now the source maybe a little biased but still, I never even considered a fake tree could be toxic. (I'll bet money that by next year there will be many more options for PVC free trees) In our house (I use the term house loosely!) we have a table top fake tree. Sean bought it years ago when he lived in his bachelor pad and we just keep using it. We had a real tree one year but I hated dealing with the needles (I was still finding them in August!! Now that I think about it that could be more of an indication of my poor cleaning skills) and trying to dispose of the tree is always challenging in the city (the rules about this are so complected). We haven't ever bought a full size fake tree because we have no where to store it so its a mini-tree for us. I just hope its fully off-gassed by now.

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Erin said...

We have a fake tree, too -- my dad is allergic and passed that along to me ... If I could find a way to deal with the sore throat, stuffy nose, watery eyes, I would LOVE to start a tradition with the babies of picking out a tree that we could then plant after the holiday. I know that some places do offer that service ... It's probably prohibitively expensive, but think how cool that would be -- you'd have all of those memories planted in the ground!