Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Favorite Things AT CHRISTMAS

One of my favorite things at Christmas is receiving Christmas Cards! ESPECIALLY photo cards!! Even if I don't know the people (which happens frequently when I look at the cards my parents get) I love seeing what people do with their photos. Even if its not a photo card I still love getting them. Seeing what type of card people picked out and what the message is, I know I totally read into it but I love it. I really toil over picking out my own Christmas cards, what I want them to say, how I want them to look, and every year I have different feelings about the message I want to send.
Oddly, this year we have gotten fewer cards than ever! Is it the economy? Are cards just not in the budget this year? I normally have 20 some cards by this time and this year I have 8 (9 if you count that Sean's Mom sent us two, one for us and one for Colin.) It's an even bigger bummer because I use the to decorate and our apartment feels less festive without them. Has anyone else noticed a slimming in their Christmas cards this year? If you normally send cards but didn't this year, why didn't you?
So far my favorite card is Erin's, (seen at the far end of the photo) but it would be hard to compete with a photo of her twins!
In related news, we had a new first card this year! Usually the first card is from Sean's friend Jenny (the most organised person I know! Seriously, you should see this girl pack for moving, everything was catalogued better than the Dewey decimal system!), but I guess it took longer to get here from Florida because this year we got Crystal's (another friend of Sean's) first (which only had to travel from Massachusetts). Crystal is also very organized but I wasn't around to see her pack. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I just sent out my cards yesterday as I have had no time to write them. I also have received less cards. I blame myself that I have not shared my address with many people, but in part I think this is a tough year indeed. I know Brandon and I have opted to only buy gifts for the kids in our family and even cut down on sending out cards. This year we did about 40 cards. I think in the past we had done close to 60+.

I struggle with the message to write to people. I try to personalize it on each card but at times struggle with those cards you must write out but people you never talk to (distant family members). Any advice?

P.S. You should be getting a card from me in a few days and I hope it makes it on your list of fun cards. Elaine

Oana said...

Don't worry u will get more cause we didn't send ours yet and that is just because chris is working so much and the post office is so far away and i cann't walk there so today or tomorrow we will send them too, so u will have some more cards. OAna

Anonymous said...

I was late this year! I've noticed a decline in the card-receiving. I've only gotten about 20 or so this year. Still sent out over a 100 though... next year I vow to cut-back and only send to people that I've received a card from. We'll see... I like them for decoration purposes too! Jenny :)

Erin said...

Yippee! We hold the place of honor -- for now!

Abbe said...

Becky, I didn't send you a card because I don't have your address! If you send it to me, I promise we will send you one next year, and I always do photo cards. :)

Anonymous said...

Update: I got a TON of cards in the past few days. I had 5 for a long time..I now have about 20(ish). I got a lot more picture cards now that a lot of our friends have kids.

I hope you have received more cards.

Erica said...

My plan was to send photo cards from our engagement photos... but even though they were taken on Nov. 30th... I still have not seen them. Plan on a New Years card (i hope, jeez)

mommymac4 said...

I didn't send out cards this year because I don't need another thing to do! Last year the twins were still taking 2 naps a day, so it was easier to get things done. Not so this year! I still have to wrap Christmas presents!