Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A happy thanksgiving was had by all...

I thought I should post a few cute pictures from Colin's first Thanksgiving. He didn't nap very well that day with all the people around, but did pretty well considering. Here is a picture of him with his Aunt Lauren from early in the day.

Sean's dad and fam purchased a cute thanksgiving outfit for him that we dressed him in shortly before dinner in the hopes that he wouldn't pee, poop or spit up all over it before people saw him. Here he is in the outfit with Sean's mom.

Colin did very well throughout the day, I was a little worried because he is just starting to show some stranger anxiety but he did really well being passed around to all the family. There was just a small bout of "altitude sickness" while Uncle Denis was holding him. =) Colin did have a minor melt down while I was giving him his first taste of bananas. Things were going really well until the Thankgiving meal ended in the dining room and the kitchen got flooded with people. I think he just got a little stage fright. Just as I calmed him down and brought him back out, Sean's brother called from Miami and the entire room erupted with a "HAPPY THANKSGIVING CHRIS" and it was back to the back of the house for Colin and I until I could calm him down again.. It is actually really funny looking back and remembering the face Colin made. I have to get a picture of him with his little lip out, it is pretty cute.

Finally, Colin is now giving hugs!!! (and kisses, although I'm not convinced he understands the word yet) I kid you not, if he is in a good mood and you are holding him and you ask him for a hug, this is what he does:

I didn't really believe it at first, but I swear he does it on command and he squeezes! Here he is hugging Cousin Jesse. A few weeks ago he would hug spontaneously and I just kept saying "thank you for the hugs" or "what a good hug" or "hug hug hug hug hug" and now if you ask for one he does it! I wasn't sure he would do it for other people but he did! I'm going to try to get this on video this weekend, it is precious, you can't see his face but he just beams with excitement while he does it.

As for kisses, I'm not sure he understands the word or if he is just trying to chew on someones face, but if you get him close enough and say "kisses" he'll open his mouth and give you a big wet one! No pictures of that yet.