Thursday, December 11, 2008

My handsome baby.

Here are a few cute pictures to share from Colin's baptism on Sunday. He just looked so adorable in his little tux. My sister had the idea, and my grandmother had the skill to turn the dress my sister wore as a bridesmaid in my wedding into a little vest for Colin to wear. Precious! Thanks to everyone for coming and for all the help setting up and cleaning up afterwards. Colin was a total gem the entire time, which was only emphasized by the fact that the second child being baptized on that day was completely miserable and cried the whole time. The priest (who tends to be a bit of a loose canon) even called him the child from the movie The Omen, which I haven't seen but is apparently about a boy who is possessed!

Here is Colin before the ceremony:

The Baptism:

Check out the look on the priests face, he is calling up the second child now.
Zoomed in:
Colin with his Godparents, my sister and Sean's brother:
Our Family, Colin is looking at the waterfall.


Crystal D. said...

What great photos, I'm glad Colin did so well. What a funny shot of the priest! My friend's son was baptized in November- he was great until the water was poured on his head. Then he was screaming!

Erin said...

Aw, we're sorry we missed it! The priest sounds so funny -- and the look on his face is great! I do feel badly for the parents of the other kid, though ...

Carol said...

Is that one handsome boy, or what, all dressed up for his special day. I do believe he is going to break some girls heart, there is going to be a line waitng for Colin Christopher to cone out to play. GGGGG

Amy said...

He is so handsome!!!!!! And that priest is hillarious! LOL!