Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sleep Update!

I am almost afraid to jinx this by discussing it, but for the last two nights Colin has only woken up twice! While this probably still seems like a lot, he had been waking up every 2 hours for about a month so I had just resigned myself to it. Last night he went to bed at 8:45 (a bit early for him) and woke up the first time at 2am then again at 5am before waking up for the day at about 7:30am. I should also note that he went that whole time without a diaper change too (although not intentionally) and the g's held strong! What did I do differently you might be wondering... one thing, but I think it is probably just a coincidence. I 'wore' one of his receiving blankets around all day and then put this blanket in his crib with him when I put him to sleep. The idea was that my smell might reassure him that he is in a safe place. I have no idea if it is even biologically possible for enough of my 'scent' to transfer and for him to detect it but hey, I was ready to try anything. Around the same time he hit his 4 month birthday we gave up on having him sleep in our room so I thought he might be scared waking up in a new place. I was hoping to wait until he was sleeping through the night before moving himbut that wasn't happening anytime soon and we worried he might not be getting enough support on that flimsy mattress full time.

Do I think solid food has helped? He has been eating solids for about two weeks now so I'm not sure. It could all just be coincidental but he has also become less hungry during the day. He can now easily go three hours between feedings instead of only two. A typical four month old should be able to do this, so maybe the extra calories are helping, or maybe it was just time.

Speaking of solids...Tonight we gave him pears for the first time that I prepared myself!! (It was so easy! more on that later) After a slight questioning look on the first bite he gobbled them right up! So far the boy will eat whatever you give him! He certainly doesn't get that from ME! Although we'll see what happens when I give him peas or string beans, that will be the real test.

Here is a picture so my sister doesn't tell me I'm lame. Not that she can post in, what 4 months! Ha that is lame! just kidding, i love you, don't beat me.


Erin said...

I definitely think that wearing his blanket helps -- I used to do that when the babies were in the NICU because I read in my books that the scent is incredibly important for bonding! And hey -- whatever works, right?

mommymac4 said...

It think that the blanket helped too. I also heard from a lacation nurse that moving a baby out of your room helps for a more sound sleep. Apparently, the baby can smell the milk (a stronger smell during the night) which causes any slight wakings to make the baby think it's time to eat and cry. Either way, I'm glad it working better for you!