Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What to do, What to do!?

Yesterday I stopped at target to pick up a few things and while I was crusing the baby isles I saw another mom with a cart full of baby products, nearly all of which contained BPA. I wanted to stop right there and have a little chat with her but I didn't. NY-ers just don't talk to people in stores and I would probably come across as a freak or a zealot. But now I feel guilty, I should have said something, even if just to bring it up so she can look it up for herself. I know BPA isn't the worst thing in the world, but I feel strongly that we should limit our exposure as much as possible.

(If you subscribe to the daily green the following is not new info. I figure most of my readers do not subscribe so I am unashamedly reprinting some of the relevant info. Its like the generic brand version of their article.)

There is an article out today that says the FDA will continue to study BPA but has no plans to change their official position. However, there is hope that the new administration will move quickly to ban the chemical. (I <3 Obama)

Tips from the Journal Sentinel

  1. Do not microwave food or beverages in plastic.
  2. Do not microwave or heat plastic cling wraps.
  3. Do not place plastics in the dishwasher.
  4. If using hard polycarbonate plastics (water bottles, baby bottles or sippy cups), do not use for warm or hot liquids.
  5. Use safe alternatives such as glass.
  6. Avoid canned foods when possible (BPA may be used in can linings).
  7. Look for labels on products that say "BPA-free."

To this list I will add:

8. Do not place steaming hot food in your plastic food processor, use a glass blender if possible or wait until the food has cooled off. (The blender worked just fine for the apples I made yesterday)

So what do you think? Should I have said something to the other mom? Would you want some random stranger approaching you in the store to tell you the products you are buying could be dangerous to your child?

(Yes I took the photo, but I totally plagiarized the idea from an istock photo by Gary Martin that I saw on the daily green article that provided this info. I guess its not plagiarism anymore because I gave him credit)


Anonymous said...

I think it would depend on the person who approached me and the mood I was in at the time to know how I would accept the information. I think if you approach it as a concerned "mom to mom" it would be well received. You are not the type so you don't need to take offense to this...but if you preach how wrong the other person is, I think the person would not receive the information. I think it is worth starting the conversation and if the person quickly becomes offended or uninterested, you can always walk away but it is worth the risk. The other person may not know much about it and need someone to inform them.

I however would not feel bad for not telling her or feel you need to stop everyone. I think your blog is just as useful of a forum to share information.


Erin said...

I like it that you have the Medela bottle in the foreground of the picture. Sometimes they are a little leaky, but I'd rather have a leaky bottle than a BPA-laden bottle!

As for telling the other mom -- I can't imagine she hasn't heard about BPA by now, seeing it's always in the news -- so maybe she's just making the choice that it's not something she's worried about (that's what Zara decided -- she's using the Avent bottles and decided that so long as she didn't microwave or dry in the dishwasher, it wouldn't be a problem ...).

I guess, to me, it would be like stopping someone in the grocery store to tell them about the potential pesticides on their fruits, or hormones in their dairy products -- and that, to me, seems like it would definitely cross a line. Maybe I choose to feed the babies organic produce and dairy, but that probably isn't an option for everyone ...

I probably wouldn't have said anything to the woman -- and hoped that she was making an educated decision about the caring for her child. You can't have "mommy guilt" about other people's children, too!! :)

I thought BRU was no longer selling products containing BPA??

julie rex said...

i agree with erin. it is very noble of you to want to help others, but i don't think it would be received very kindly. especially in the ny area!! (not like syracuse where people actually talk to you) it has been fun getting used to "friendly" people again. weird at first though :) i look forward to seeing the fam around xmas! -julie

julie rex said...

one more thing- don't feel guilty about not informing that mother about the dangers of bpa. i am sure that you have helped a lot of people through your blog. you have def influenced me :)