Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleep Log #2

Here is last nights sleep log:
I think I confused some people with this last time so to clarify. These times represent times I had to go in and attend to Colin. If he resettled himself without crying I didn't note that.

The first column shows what time he went to sleep, the second what time he woke up, 3rd how long he slept for and 4th how long he was awake for before going back to sleep. (So column 3 is the amount of time between the first two columns and column 4 is how much time is between Time Up and the next rows Time down)
The highlights:
Total number of night wakings: 4 (improved from 9)
Longest stretch of sleep: 2:19 (improved from 2:15 but if you remember that was in our bed not his, this time he was in his crib all night)
Total amount of sleep 8:46 (down from 10:36)
Total time awake: 0:45 (down from 2:00)

So this is much improved. The longest time awake was 23 minutes and honestly it should have been MUCH worse, I've figured him out a little. I changed his diaper at that time and he was very awake. When I finally got him into the crib and he was asleep I stood next to him. I've noticed a patter that at this time of night he wakes up after 10 minutes and won't go back to sleep. So I stood there, and at ten minutes on the DOT, he started to stir and I quickly put my hands on him to keep him from wiggling and whispered that it was "sleepy time" he only struggled for a second and was back to sleep! He didn't wake up again until he got up for the day. I was so proud of myself (or so awake from standing around) I couldn't fall back to sleep for an hour! Oh well. I considered calling out to Sean to come stand with him, but I was afraid that in my calling him, Colin would wake up. Besides, the last couple of times I tired to get Sean's attention through the baby monitor I ended up having to go kick (I didn't have any hands because I was cradling the baby) or shove him awake so I figured I just had to ride it out myself.

More good news: he is doing very well with being put down semi-awake. In fact I think he is starting to request being put down by wiggling and squirming as if he is uncomfortable in my arms. He still needs a lot of reassurance while he is laying down, which means I'm practically in the crib with him (luckily we bought a low crib and it only comes to about my waist so it is easy to lean into), but this is a serious improvement! We/ I had been putting him down after he was totally asleep (my bad!) I'll report again in 9 or 11 days, since 10 days from now we will be on long island for a very special birthday party and likely have a very messed up sleep schedule.


Anonymous said...

Bec, when is his morning nap and afternoon nap times? Are you now being consistant with those in the crib as well? Mom

Erin said...

I'm glad that you're making improvements with the sleep schedule -- I can't imagine how you're being so patient, though!