Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something to read...

If you continue to have any doubt about the toxic effects of BPA, you should read this article. The Real Story on BPA. It is pretty long but even if you just skim it you'll get the idea. As a 'scientist' I agree that, in theory, it should not matter who funds the study. However, I am no longer naive enough to think that this is the case 100% of the time.

This quote scares me "The government is unlikely to start controlling the use of BPA. The United States has a long tradition of keeping harmful substances -- lead, DDT, tobacco, PCBs -- on the market for decades after scientists find adverse effects." I really hope the Obama administration proves this wrong.

Be an advocate for your own families health and refuse to purchase products containing BPA.


Anonymous said...

How many test studies and years did it take to put the Surgeons General Warning on a pack of cigarettes? And people still smoke...What it always comes down to is... we have to be watchful and make decisions best for "ourselves" with the information thats available to us at the time. Keep up the good work honey...xo Mom

efalcone said...

I'm so depressed I didn't know about this when my boys were babies. They were of course on formula and bottles for a long time. Sorry to add to our toxic woes, but have you heard the latest about HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and mercury?