Friday, January 9, 2009

Victims of the Failing Ecomony

As if I don't have enough stress in my life, yesterday I walked out to the car to run some errands and what to my wondering eyes should appear?? BROKEN GLASS! From my drivers side window and of course a large hole in the dash where the radio used to be! I think they were probably looking for the GPS because they took the mount and the car adapter but we don't keep the GPS in the car. They also stole two 'books' of CD's (as if they are worth anything anymore!) the car adapter for my breast pump and my eye glasses (most annoying)! What they didn't take: THE CAR (our spare keys were mysteriously in the drivers side door catch all thingy-oops!), the remote for the radio or the instruction manual all right there, the $10 in quarters that were in the "ash tray", or the trunk full of Christmas presents we have yet to bring in the house (okay it's only a few things but still!). So all in all, while it was annoying to replace the drivers side window we don't have to replace the CAR so I'm trying not to be so annoyed.
There has been a string of GPS thefts or attempts that I have heard about lately, so if you have one, don't leave evidence of it (including the ring on the windshield where the mount attaches, I'm guessing that was what gave us away since our mount was on the floor and likely not visible.)
In the event you find yourself needed a new window, we used Competition Glass I called them this morning around 9:00am and by 11:30 they had come to me (at my friends house where we put the car overnight) installed the new window, vacuumed up the broken glass and by 1:45 I was back home with a new window in place. They were very competitively priced since they were $40 less than the other quotes I had gotten.
Just my luck, so far 2009 is NOT my favorite year!


Crystal D. said...

Ugh, how horrible! We had a rash of GPS thefts in my office park. I actually "caught" the people- I was looking out the window and saw them break into a car- I got their plate and called the cops. But prior to that, they had stolen at least 15 GPS's! Glad to hear you were able to get your window taken care of quickly and that they did NOT take the car!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience. I do not put my GPS on the dash if I am a passanger with Brandon so that I can put it away before we arrive and there is no evidence of one. However as you say, with this economy, anyone can fall victim to no fault of their own.

When we lived in B-lo, Brandon's car was broken into when we went to a concert downtown. The thieves hopped through the back and did not take the leather jacket, change, or a huge stereo system. They took homemade cds and a radar detector. Thieves have their agenda when they steal.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the aggravation and the violation of your property. I was more vigilant about taking my GPS in and out of my car through the holiday season sad to say. I'll watch for the breast pump adapter on ebay.


AbbeM said...

I completely sympathize Becky: I had the same thing happen to me last fall, except they took my iPod which I had left in the radio adaptor. I left that thing in the car, visible, every day for 2 years and nothing happened, then poof! Gone, with shattered window to repair. It sucks; I totally feel your pain.

Erica said...

I am sorry this happened... they never seem to break in in the summer, its always freezing when you have to plastic up the window... it did happen to me once in Baltimore. I do leave the mount up for mine, but the unit it always in my purse. I should really just stick it (the mount) in the glove box.