Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another use for baby food cubes!

As you know, I've been making my own baby food. I love doing it, which is odd because I was never really all that into cooking. I guess this is just such a 'baby' version of cooking it is hard to screw up (although I obviously have!) Regardless, I have had an overstock of sweet potatoes (who knew 4 sweet potatoes would go SO far!) so when I came across this recipe for Sweet Potato-Turkey-Meat Loaf, I figured I could use some of my extra food cubes. I used 8 cubes (well 7 and a 1/2, one partial cube fell out while I was defrosting and stirring) but probably should only have used 6. I ended up having to add extra bread to absorb the extra wetness (I did follow the reviewers suggestions to add less ketchup as well). Fully pureed sweet potato is more wet (since I add water) than mashed so that didn't really help either. Regardless, it came out really really well! I think you should try it! It is definitely going to become a regular in our house, and that says a lot since I'm fairly picky. An added bonus, if you remember my superfood phase (From this book.), it has a superfood (turkey) and a superfood sidekick in it (sweet potato is a sidekick for pumpkin.) So it is pretty good for you! If you need further convincing of its tastiness, I ate the leftovers for lunch and dinner tonight and I generally turn my nose up at leftovers. (Yes, we had leftovers for dinner on Valentines Day... we are totally boring parents now.)
Let me know when you try this and LOVE it!
Moreover (that is for you Kristeen), I have been using to do some meal planning lately because I'm terrible at grocery shopping for dinners. The site has this great feature that allows you to create a shopping list, and it organizes things by types of foods (so all the dairy is together) making it SO much easier to shop. Normally when I shop off a list I end up with two or three things left that I have to go back through the store to look for (so inefficient!) I'm actually enjoying meal planning now, we'll see how long it lasts.


Kristeen said...

Thanks for the moreover (barf). I LOVE allrecipes because of all the helpful reviews, as well as the really brief list of ingredients they show at the bottom of the link summary. As for turkey and sweet potato meatloaf... Not gonna lie, I'm a little skeptical. But I am proud of you for eating it (AND the leftovers, wow!)

Anonymous said...

That sounds good. I HATE meatloaf because it is such a waste of meat (when it is made the ole' boring way). I will try this recipe this week. -Elaine

Julie said...

matt loves meatloaf,but there is just something about a "loaf" of meat that disturbs me. i bet he would enjoy this recipe.

what do you mean when you say food "cubes"? is that the way you are supposed to measure ingredients when making baby food?

Becky said...

Opps Sorry. I guess I never talked about this. When I make baby food I freeze it in (BPA Free) ice cube trays then transfer the cubes to freezer bags. Easy Peasy! In fact I'm going to go make blueberries now!

Daisy and Ryan said...

this sounds yummy! we might just have to try it - though we'll have to get more sweet potatoes... aiden LOVES his sweet potatoes!

i do have plenty of pumpkin to find a use for, though... that's the one food he has tried that he doesn't like. at all. and we have a ton of pureed, mashed, and cubed - might have to make some pie out of season. ;) thanks for the meatloaf recipe!