Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Colin and the Cats.

At various times people have asked me how the cats are with Colin. For the most part they are just fine. They are curious but cautious and tend to just give him space. But instead of just telling you I figured I would show you. First some backgound on the cats. We got both cats at the same time, right after we got engaged but they are not related. Sadie is about 2 weeks older and is a female simaese that I found on A woman purchased a cat from a breeder not realizing the cat was pregnant. She decided to give away the kittens without 'papers' instead of giving them back to the breeder to sell.
Griffin is a male tabby, born from a house pet and a stray. His mother was Sean's friends, brothers, girlfriend's cat. Both cats are wonderful and have never bitten or scratched anyone out of anger (a question only people without cats ask.) Sadie claimed me as hers and Sean is Griffin's person, which slightly offended me at the time since they were both MY cats and Sean didn't even live with us when Griffin chose him.
Here are the pictures starting with Sadie (because that's how they uploaded):

In this picture Colin is only days old. Sadie has always been a snugly cat and has accepted that she has to share us occasionally with Colin. It is sometimes difficult for her to understand that she is not allowed to step on Colin but she is getting better.

This next picture is obviously staged. After laying him down Colin started to cry and she high tailed it out of there. This is pre-swaddler blanket days so Colin is swaddled in a normal receiving blanket kept tight with safety pins.

This next picutre is another example of Sadie sharing with Colin:

On to Griffin:

This is a picture of his first attempt to get a good look at the new arrival.

Griffin prefers to lay near our heads rather than lay on us. I'm not really sure why but Griffin loves heads, it is not unusual for him to give your head a 'bath' (in that he licks it). Here he was reaching out to Colin in his sleep.

This next picture illustrates Griffin's extreme tolerance (one of his best traits, and unusal in cats.) I laid Colin on Griffin very slowly and after an initial startled look he just laid his head back down and allowed himself to be photographed.. I eventually picked Colin back up, Griffin never moved.

This next picture is from last week. Griffin more than anything loves Colin's things (the stroller, bouncy chair and the boppy pictured here.) We often find Griffin sitting in or on something of Colin's (with the exception of the crib they learned quickly that was off limits.) In this picture we aren't sure if Griffin wanted to be close to Colin or if he was trying to reclaim the boppy. (n.b. Colin doesn't need the support of this anymore but Sean is afraid he will fall, or more that Colin will fall and I will yell at him (I don't think I have ever actually yelled at him for anything but he is overly concerned about it))
Colin thought it was great. Griffin tolerated 'being pet' until we decided Colin was getting too rough. For only 7 months old he is learning fast about being "gentle".

One last "Behind the Scenes" picture from the Christmas photo shoot. The cats were more interested in the garland I was holding than Colin but it is still cute.


Erin said...

Do the cats get distressed when Colin cries? I love all of the pictures!

Becky said...

No I wouldn't say distressed.. annoyed is probably a better word. =)

Anonymous said...

Bec...I'm still using Kristy's computer...but I just love this little story about Colin and his buds! The behind the scenes photo at xmas is just adorable! xo Grandma j

Crystal D. said...

Thanks so much for sharing these Becky! I love all of the photos. I wondered about our cats when we have a baby someday. Tula is pretty tolerant, but I don't think Basha (the siamese) will handle a baby well at all!

Kristy said...

Smoking jacket!!!

AbbeM said...

First off, Natalie has the same teething dragonfly, and I have almost identical pictures of her chewing on it. She loves(d) that thing (she's almost too old for it now)!

Second, I'm so glad to see the cats responding so well to Griffin. Calla (our dog) was a bit worse for a while, as I think she had major jealousy. But now she lets Natalie come up and give her a "hug" (Natalie puts her arms around Calla and lays her head on her back), and Natalie is starting to find the fun of throwing Calla's ball for her. I'm glad our first children are getting along so well with our real children! :)