Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How is Colin doing?

I thought I would give a quick update because Colin slept 4 hours and 15 mins last night! That is the first 4hr chunk he has done in months! I would guess since he was about 4 months old. Of course he did it between 8:30 and 12:45 which means I wasn't sleeping the whole time (I was watching the president! I <3>

I never mentioned it but we moved Colin to the big bath tub at about 5 1/2 months when he was sitting up really well. He was getting too chilly with most of his body out of the baby tub in our drafty kitchen. We tried using the baby tub in the bathroom where it was warmer but it turned out to be easier just to let him sit up. Shortly after that he had a bout of severely dry skin so I moved to an every other day bath with a 'sit bath' in the sink just to spot clean on the off days. I also switched to an unscented soap and started using Eucerin Aquaphor ointment. Not sure which of the three things (or maybe the combination) really cleared up the dry skin but it worked. I've noticed if I skip the lotion a couple days in a row (like when Colin carries it away and I loose it!) the dry skin starts to creep back in so that is probably what helped the most.

Here is a picture of Colin in the big tub.

Colin is much more vocal these days, although most attempts to get him on video he gets distracted by the camera and stops talking. I'll keep trying and get something up soon. He is also becoming more 'mobile' not really crawling or rolling but scooting on his butt to get toys that are out of his reach. He doesn't seem to have real intentions of getting anywhere so he his movements happen at a snails pace but occasionally I realize he isn't where I put him (in that he is 2 feet to the left and facing the other way, not that he is in another room).

He is a lot more dexterous these days and does a lot of passing hand to hand. I think he would benefit from a set of stacking rings because he will often place on of his linking letters on another toy and then put more letters near by. Maybe I'll find a set in Switzerland! Wouldn't that be fun!

One more picture for good measure. Looks like someone might have my (full forward) profile. Poor kid!


Kristy said...

Put some water in that tub!!!

Julie said...

yea, is he just sitting in an inch of water? no wonder he is cold!

Becky said...

You guys crack me up...I promise it is deeper than it looks, but I suppose it could be a little deeper.. I'm conserving water here people! ;-)

Daisy and Ryan said...

way to go on the sleep! aiden does the same thing - if he has a long stretch, it's when i'm still awake, so i don't really get to benefit much from it (sleepwise, at least).

aiden has eczema, so we use california baby and burts bees to wash with - just a tiny bit. and we use cera ve lotion, which is amazing! it's not cheap, though - so it might not be for someone who doesn't need a really good lotion. but we love it. we only wash him every couple/few days right now b/c of the eczema (and he isn't getting dirty really), but we do lotion every day (once if not twice).

and he does the same thing with the camcorder, too!! he'll be doing something camera-worthy, and as soon as i get it out, he's entranced by the camera and stops what he was doing! augh!! i think it has something to do with the record light maybe? it's funny - when i take pictures, i think i disappear behind the camera (it's a good sized one) and won't look at me. if i move my head, he'll look at me, but as soon as i go back behind the camera to see in the viewfinder - he looks away! (i have a canon rebel digital - you have to use the viewfinder to take pics)

Anonymous said...

Odd comment to most, but is that the same bath mat that I have that you were looking for? It is by far the best bath mat I have ever used. -No need to tell my name, Becky will know who this is!!!!