Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colin is 8 Months Old.

Dun da da! [Trumpets blowing] Colin is now 8 months old!! Our doctors appointment isn't until the 24th so his height and weight stats will have to wait until then.
Height: 30in 97%ile
Weight: 21lbs 6oz 75%ile
Head Circumference: 46cm 60th %ile

Sleeping: No real change. Still up 4 to 5 times a night (maybe more, I stopped paying attention, it's better not to know)

  • Reading books. He will now grab books and expect you to start reading them to him.If you don't understand he gets angry. (Sounds like someone will be a fun toddler)
  • Traveling. Colin is a serious trooper!! (More on this later)
  • Being 'worn'. This is definitely his favorite way to travel. The stroller is acceptable, but the sling and backpack are preferred.
  • Being sung to. He has liked this for a while but I'm not sure I mentioned it. When he gets cranky he likes to be sung to to distract him. It is not uncommon for me to break into song in the middle of a restaurant. Favorite songs include "You are my Sunshine" (sorry Sisty) "Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows" "Lets go Fly a Kite" and "While Shepard's Watch Their Flocks by Night"
  • [Updated to add] Sean reminded me that Colin's current favorite toy is his plush Mets baseball, it has a little chime in it so it makes noise when you play with it. Colin loves to watch his dad 'juggle' the ball.
  • Getting dressed. Gone are the days when Colin would laugh when you put something over his head. Now he just gets angry, this is right up there with face washing as his least favorite things.
  • The vacuum. Have I mentioned this already? Colin starts getting silent and sullen as soon as it comes out of the closet. He will allow me to vacuum while he is in the sling but forget trying to do it while he isn't. Whoa Nelly!
  • Pack and Play's. As far as Colin is concerned this is not a bed and should not be slept in! I assume it has something to do with the lack of a solid mattress.
New things:
  • new "words" da da, Hi, (and Hi dada a 6am favorite), mama (once) and today (once right after I had said and signed it to him) I can't say for sure if he understands what he is saying but he certainly seems to use them in context (at least hi and da da)
  • new "signs" Milk... again not sure if he means it but he signs it frequently. (think one handed milking a cow and that is what it looks like)
  • He has discovered rolling as a means of locomotion, and seems very interested in crawling but hasn't mastered the coordination.
  • He leaned how to clap at 3am the other day...lovely time of day for such things don't you think?
  • He can also cluck his tounge now.
  • Oh and he has two more teeth (for a total of 6, 4 on top 2 on the bottom)


Kristeen said...

Funny... I get the same way when I see the vacuum :)

Julie said...

his hair looks like it has a slight tint of red to it. is it just the sunlight? or is he going to be a little red head??

Kristy said...

Lukas loves the vacuum. He enjoys emptying the vacuum... not necessarily over the trash can but none the less.

Anonymous said...

He is getting too big too fast! Maybe soon he will sign or say why he doesn't like to sleep. Hope to see you soon. I am still planning a trip to NYC in April.-Elaine

Erin said...

He's a cutie -- I just can't believe he's still waking up that many times at night. Are you still nursing him when he wakes up? Uhoh for the development of permanent memory!