Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Favorite Things- Baby Books!

I wanted to share some of my current favorite books to read to Colin. We have been given quite a few books and read to Colin at least twice a day. I'm partial to books that rhyme myself so most of my favorites do. Colin seems to enjoy being read too and will eagerly look over the arm of the chair to see the books below. Also if there is a book out he has recently started 'asking' for it to be read, in that he picks it up and makes frustrated noises until you open it and read it to him.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
This was the first book we ever read to Colin. I felt like it was good for an infant because it has big simple images and bold colors. Plus there isn't really a story line to follow so it is simple to start and stop wherever. The first few time he would sit and listen to only a few pages at a time, as the days went by we were able to get further and further into the book.

Baby Cakes This book is just too cute! It it almost reads like a jump rope game (think teddy bear teddy bear turn around.) Some of the lines allow you to be interactive and tickle your little baby cakes. It is also a really a great book to end the day with because one of the last lines is "now my little baby cakes go night night".
I Love You Through And Through
This book is very simple with only a few words per page but the message is sweet and the illustrations are charming. Like all of these books, the pages are thick paperboard and therefore don't rip easily, so Colin can man handle them and they don't get damaged.

Miss Spider's Tea Party: The Counting Book
This is another one we have been reading since he was less than a month old. It's a counting book, so it starts with "one lonely spider...' and ends with "twelve flowers...". The message again is cute, (albeit lost on Colin at this stage, but he will get it eventually) and the rhyming is very well done. No tripping over the syllables and you attempt to get the cadence correct.

Rainbow Colors ( Peekaboo)and Peekaboo Farm: I think if Colin were to choose his favorite these would be them. They are lift the flap peekaboo books along with touch and feel textures. In the last month or so he has really started to reach out and feel these books.
Plus, unlike some of the other peekaboo books, the flaps are the same hard paperboard as the pages (which are pretty thick) so when Colin decides to grab onto them they don't give the impression that they are about to tear off. The pictures in these books are just that, photos of real objects and kids which is a welcome change to the illustrations, even if it is only a photo of a stuffed animal.

Those are our favorite books right now. What are your favorite books for babies?


Kristy said...

Ah... hello... Lukas doesn't have any of those???

Erin said...

We have a few favorites that we read over and over and over again. Baby Einstein -- "Touch and feel baby animals," "Touch and feel farm animals," and "Mirror Me," Sandra Boynton's "Moo, Baa, Lalala!", "Dog" by Matthew Van Fleet, and the most favorite -- "Toes, Ears, & Nose!" by Marion Dane Bauer. This book is a "lift the flap" book -- and I've had to "laminate" all of the flaps with packing tape because the babies just love playing "peekaboo" with the flaps and the babies hiding beneath. I highly recommend the book!

Daisy and Ryan said...

I LOVE Brown Bear, Brown Bear!!! When my older son was a baby, we read it tons, and I now read the same beat-up copy to Aiden. Camden learned all the animals (in the book), the sounds, his colors, and some counting (we counted the children on that page in the book). We would always read the last line of each pg as we turned the page, so we didn't say the animal until he saw it (and had a chance to say it himself when he was old enough). :) That's always been one of my favorite books!!

Other faves... You can't beat Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. (Also using Camden's old copy! But this one is in pristine shape b/c it wasn't one to *play* with!) Aiden hears this book at least once a day b/c it's a great naptime/bedtime book. LOVE it. We even had this book in some of his 6-mos pics, along with his stuffed bunny that looks like the ones in the book. :)

Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest is a great nap/bedtime one, as well. It's a board book, too, which is nice. ;)

And lately we've been reading Big Words for Little People by Jamie Lee Curtis. Her books are so much fun! Now...this book is for an older crowd (4-8 years!), but Aiden will sit there and let me read the whole thing. He really likes it! (And it's fun to think he'll be saying things like "appropriate" and "consequence" early on like his big brother did!)

Those are just a few of ours, but we read a ton! Aiden likes to run his fingers down the pages of paper books to hear the sound it makes. Haha! He's also learning he can chew on the board books, which I know is why we get board books...but I still don't like the thought of him *eating* cardboard. So we're on the lookout for some good cloth books for him to play with!