Monday, March 9, 2009

Sick Jones! You are Sick!

As in sick and twisted not ill. Here is another instance of sleep deprivation twisting my sense of humor... although in this case it is probably more of a case of me not really thinking things through. Okay here goes.

Thursday morning I have to take a friend of mine to the airport at 8am. Sean is the "late person" meaning he works 10-6, so he keeps the baby home with him while I go. I arrive home around 8:20 and hear him in the shower. Since Colin has outgrown his bouncy chair in the few emergency situations where we need to shower and he is awake we have been putting him in a blanket lined laundry basket with a few toys. I hear Sean say to Colin "okay buddy I'm just going to rinse off and then I'll be all done". Well I immediately start busting a gut with suppressed laughter as I formulate my plan. (I'm sure you can see where this is headed) I sneak into the bathroom and pick up the baby (who startles a bit but remains quiet when he sees it is me) and then sneak out again. In my head Sean will open the curtain and think the baby disappeared (as in *poof* he disappeared! (yeah like that is possible! idiot!)) No he opens the curtain and in the nanosecond it takes me to open the door (BUSTING A GUT mind you) he thinks the baby has been abducted and is NOT amused. I realize the fatal error in my judgment but still can not stop laughing only now I'm laughing at my own stupidity for thinking that he would think the baby magically disappeared!

We have a running...I don't want to say argument because it isn't really an argument but it isn't a running joke I guess it's a running theme?? in our relationship that I have no sense of humor. His family is big into teasing. To me teasing is something that other kids did to me in grammar school and it is not nice. So while I understand they mean no harm, it still takes me back to the play ground where Billy Costello is 'teasing' me because when I turn sideways I disappear and everyone is pointing and laughing. Anyway, the point is that I have attempted to 'tease' Sean (because this is what he thinks is funny and I want to be one of the cool kids too) about a handful of times in our relationship and every time I do it I end up hurting his feelings. Which I say proves my point that teasing is mean, but he says I don't do it right. So here we are again, I play a trick on Sean and it goes poorly. He said to me later "Your mother will be horrified by that mean joke" Oh darling husband you know my mother so well!! He also thinks if I post any more instances of my current sense of humor someone is going to call child protective services on me. I swear, no animals (human or otherwise) were harmed during the filming of this movie.


Julie said...

oh yes, the ol' "disappearing baby" phenomenon. You MUST be sleep deprived if you thought Sean, being a man of science, would immediately think that Colin was sucked into a black hole! It is interesting though that he would jump to the conclusion that the baby was abducted......perhaps by aliens?

Anonymous said...

My darling girl...I can only say I don't know which I laughed harder at...your story or Julie's response! Just remember "You" too can have a pot of peas dunked on your head! :) You would have given ME a heart attack! Like Sea World in San Diego.. remember...some things just shouldn't be teased..tricked upon...or joked about. You guys are too much! xo Mom

Anonymous said...

The story took me in a different direction than I had originally thought. I thought you were going to climb into the laundry basket so when he got out it would have caught him off guard.

I probably would have screamed if I got out of the shower and my baby was no longer there.

No worries, although I am a mandated reported to CPS, I will reserve my calls for true emergencies!!!!