Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wierd or notable things about Switzerland (and pictures).

Here are some random things about Switzerland that I found noteworthy
  • There are more than your average number of people using hand crutches. The ones that come up to your elbows. I'm thinking maybe because there is so much skiing in this country?!? But honestly, we saw at least 3 people a day on crutches.
  • You have to pay for water and ketchup. Here in the 'ole US if you order water with dinner it is generally free, over there it is "Sparkling or Still?" or "With Gas or Without?" and you have to buy a bottle of mineral water (for about $3 a person), they don't serve tap water. You also have to pay for ketchup/mayo/mustard packets.
  • Beer and wine are either the same price or cheaper than soda!
  • Often a queen bed is made up of two twins pushed together with no attempt to disguise it, they actually have twin fitted sheets on each bed.
  • Speaking of sheets, they don't really use them. Just a fitted sheet and a down comforter, sometimes one comforter per person. I loved this, Sean did not. He felt that they were too warm, but if you went without it was too cold.
  • Cribs are actually Pack & Plays, which was less than ideal because Colin does not consider these appropriate for sleeping. I think it is the flimsy mattress that he has issues with. Only one hotel in five had a real crib mattress, although I wouldn't exactly call it a real crib. It was a metal frame on wheels with a mesh fabric sides.
  • The trains system is awesome and so much easier than trying to drive. Especially because we wouldn't have been able to read the street signs. Additionally it is a very easy way to travel with a baby, even with all our luggage.
Okay now for some more pictures. These are from a little day trip we took to Fribourg (for no other reason than that is the folder I randomly opened)

The streets of Fribourg

St. Peter Canisius! The Canisius Connection followed us all the way to Switzerland.

The Cathedral Entrance in Fribourg. I've got Colin in the sling here.

Our "big boy" riding the train!

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what is with and without gas?-Elaine