Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update on Sickness...

I guess I spoke too soon, I was not sparred the horror of this illness but seem to be on the road to recovery. I still don't believe that we have swine flu but Sean has to be tested for it before he is allowed to return to work, so I'll know more when that test comes back. Of all of us my symptoms are closer to it since I started with a head cold, however I only had a mild fever of 100.5 and that didn't last long at all.
The following description of my symptoms maybe too much information for some people so if you are squeamish stop reading now (You can start again at the next paragraph is you want). Between the hours of 10pm and 2am I experiences the most violent vomiting and diarrhea (simultaneously) than I have ever experience in my life. I have done a lot of vomiting in my life (from anxiety) and have always prided myself on my ability to vomit discretely (so much so that people in the same room have not noticed). Well whoa nelly I woke up the baby each and every time!
Poor Sean. Colin is a bit of a mama's boy so it was a little bit hard on him to not have me tend to him. THANK GOD, we started weaning his nighttime feedings. By 4am (the goal time for last night) I was feeling well enough to nurse. Honestly, I'm sure breastfeeding has been what has prevented him from becoming more sick. Of all of us he has fared the best, and while he still has some nasty smelling farts he seems to be healthy. I do think my supply is down and he seems a little frustrated by that but I'm staying hydrated and trying to drink ensure to keep my calories up. I'm not sure we will make it to the goal time tonight since I'm pretty sure he hasn't eaten as much as he normally does (complected by the fact that he is also refusing to eat much solid food) but that is okay, it will have me get my supply back up to where it should be.

Now for something totally unrelated:
Julie asked about the flash cards hanging off the stroller in the previous posts picture. My mom got those for us for train rides in Switzerland so I'm not sure if they are from what you are referring to but I don't think so. They are rhyming flash cards (you're looking at the rhyming words on the backside of the card), and are meant for much older children, but the front has the word and a picture (airplane in the card you can see). Colin really enjoys playing with them and having them read to him. They normally live in the car but I quick threw them on the stroller in case he got bored (and promptly forgot they were there.) So no, my intent is not to teach Colin how to read early (although I wouldn't mind if it has that effect, Sean read at age 3 so it is possible he will read early too.) We also use the baby signing time flash cards. I think he likes the novel way they move related to each other (compared to his books) so it keeps him entertained. Plus these cards have different colors so sometimes we pull out "all the red ones" and read those as a way to mix it up.
Also yes, I do realize I have a monster child compared to Sam and Ben (although in his defense it isn't a fair comparison they were preemies!). The Jones girls grow 'em big I guess! Lukas was 2inches longer and 3lbs heavier at this age! I actually was in the mall in a baby store behind another child and the mom and I got to doing the "how old is your baby?" conversation. When I told her 8 months her jaw hit the floor, come to find out her daughter was 9 months and much smaller than Colin (I would have guessed she was 5/6 months TOPS!) so it was my turn for my jaw to drop. Made me wish I wasn't shoving O's in Colin's mouth at that moment.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

March for Babies and SICK families!

Before the walk:

Once again thank you to all my sponsors, the walk went pretty well on Sunday. I had expected a bit more fanfare, maybe a start line/finish line banner or spectators but downtown Hartford is pretty deserted on a Sunday so there was barely any traffic to stop let alone people around to see what the huge MOB scene was about. There were lots and lots of walkers which was good. Both Erin and I surpassed our fund raising goals so we were very pleased about that.

After the walk:

The downside... poor little Ben started vomiting and having diarrhea in the wee hours of the morning before the walk. He had been having some milk and soy intolerance issues so we all assumed this was related to that (thinking maybe he switched bottles with Sam or something.) He was a good sport all day, sleeping through most of the walk. Later that evening after we left, Sam and Erin also got sick! So much so that Erin ended up needing IV fluids to rehydrate! It wasn't long before it hit our house. Colin threw up around 5:00 am on Tuesday morning and had a few bouts of diarrhea but is mostly recovered now. Sean has been hit the hardest and has been home from work for two days. He actually has to report to employee health services in the am to have a swine flu test before he is allowed to return to work (we are pretty sure this is NOT swine flu since that is a respiratory flu and not a stomach flu). I have so far managed to avoid the stomach issues but have come down with a head cold (or allergies, but I think its a cold).
One more adorable pic of the boys

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh Boys!

A few pictures from our trip to CT to see Erin, Sam and Ben! Oh boy did the boys have a good time together!
Lets make a train!
Colin is 4 months younger but about 2 lbs heavier (and a whole lot paler). Colin (born at 40wks) weighed more at birth that Sam and Ben (born at 32wks) put together.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shopping links

I thought I would pass along two websites I use for shopping for baby stuff.

  1. I love that they have free 2nd day shipping on all orders over $50. When you are shopping for diapers it isn't hard to spend $50! I get all my favorite baby care products from their site, along with my diapers and wipes. The prices are comparable to babies r us. You could probably get some things for less if you shop the sales but driving to multiple stores to check sales is no longer a part of my life so I just log on, click a few buttons and the next evening get my stuff. LOVE IT. If you would like $10 off your first order, enter my referral code at checkout "jonesberry". I'll even get a $5 credit for referring you!
  2. KangarooBoo: This has become my go to site for baby toys, whether for Colin or someone else. I love this site, they handpick the toys they list so that they are all hand crafted and eco-friendly. You can even search by toys "not made in China" if that is important to you. They offer free shipping on orders over $75, and they give you a credit (from $0.25 to $1) for reviewing products. If that isn't enough to entice you they donate a portion of every sale to childrens' charities (and you can pick from a list where you want your portion to go!). They update their inventory constantly so I love checking out what's new. I don't have any coupon codes right now, but they have had a few around, if I find one I'll let you know.


Colin is crawling! from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Last Chance Last Chance!

The March for Babies is on SUNDAY. So if you were planning on sponsoring me you only have a few days left! I still havn't reached my goal so please help! Please!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Favorite things- Baby Care Products.

A little positive reinforcement from Julie and here I am writing another favorite things blog. This one dealing with baby care products. You may remember this post where I talked about all the crap that is in personal care products, and how I wanted to use safer products on my baby. Well I have now used a bunch of such products and can make some recommendations to you if you are also looking to use 'safer' products. I just want to note that I have made my own judgments about what is 'safe', based on information from the company and the data presented at the cosmetic safety database put together by the environmental working group (EWG). Your judgments might be different.

Burt's Bees - Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash: I tried at least four different organic baby shampoo's before receiving this as a gift from my friend Pam. I was familiar with the company but wasn't sure how I felt about it since it had 'fragrance' listed among the ingredients. I did some research and while I never found out what exactly that 'fragrance' was, this product is listed as being free of phthalates, parabens and Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate. Since these are the main ingredients that I want to avoid I feel comfortable using this product. The best part? It smells SO GOOD. Most people expect babies to smell like Johnson and Johnson's products, and when I was using other things I always felt like Colin didn't have 'that baby smell', in fact some of the organic shampoos smell nasty! Well this product covered that issue and then some! Now people are always asking my what I use on him because he smells so good. Even my 'very picky when it comes to smells' mother (it is just who she is, nothing wrong with it) loves this stuff, and if Joanne Jones approves you know it must smell good. I also use their Apricot Baby Oil, a few drops in the bathtub helps keep Colin's skin from drying out.
Due to the presence of 'fragrance' on the ingredient list this product is given a score of 4 (on a scale from 0-10, 0 being safest) by EWG. Since every other ingredient has a score of 2 or less and I believe in the company I have made the judgment that this product is 'safe enough' for Colin.
I also want to note that Burt's Bees as a company has helped develop "The Natural Standard" for personal care products, so that when something is labeled as "natural" it actually is. (Unlike 7up which is label at 100% natural and has HFCS in it! ugh.)

Eucerin Aquaphor : When Colin was suffering from severely dry skin on his legs and chest our pediatrician recommended this product. Since it is a petroleum product it isn't the 'greenest' thing you can find but it does have a score of 2 from EWG. What I love about it is that it WORKS! Colin's dry skin was spiraling out of control and I was trying three different organic lotions but nothing even touched it. A few nights of applying this after his bath and the dry skin was history. I've even used this in place of chapstick when I got desperate (and I can get pretty disparate for chapstick) and it healed my dry cracked lips overnight!

TruKid Sunny Days Sunscreen: Sunscreen is tricky! I've only tried a few of the 'safer' sunsceens but so far this is my favorite. Zinc oxide is the safer sunscreen but it tends to not rub in well and leaves you with a white glow. This product doesn't do that, it smells great and it is less greasy that some other brands. EWG scores it a 2. California Baby also makes a sunscreen that I've heard good things about but this was less expensive (and by sunscreen standards it was still pretty pricey!)

Children's Tooth Gel : This is the second toothpaste I've tried with Colin. The first one he hated the taste of (and it was supposed to be naturally flavored with apple and banana) so I couldn't keep the toothbrush in his mouth. This one he finds much more palatable and enjoys brushing his teeth (read chewing on the toothbrush.) EWG has not rated this item, but the company is pretty upstanding in their mission and philosophy. This is the first of their products that I have tried but I've been reading about them in the blog-o-sphere for a while. In case you are curious we use the MAM Teach Me Toothbrush
which according to The Soft Landing is BPA/PVC/Phthalate free.

Absent from this list is a diaper cream, because I haven't really found one I like yet. Colin has yet to have any kind of serious diaper rash so I haven't had to put this type of product through its paces. I've been using Nature's Baby Organics Diaper Cream because of the EWG rating of 1 but I find it a little 'thin'. Since I don't use it often I have a lot of it so if I ever run out and find myself trying something else I'll update you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

5 Steps to a Greener Nursery - Eco-friendly Baby Rooms

I got an email today with this article in it. There are a bunch of good resources for 'green' nursery items. If you are in the market for such things check it out.
If you're trying to make your home more eco-friendly, consider starting with Baby's room: It's simpler than you think to choose natural, organic, and sustainable materials to outfit the nursery. Which areas should you start with? Read on!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Full Disclosure- Diaper Issues

I have a confession. I'm having a diaper crisis and have been using traditional disposables at night and while out of the house. Both g-diapers and 7th generation disposables have been leaking. Not just once in a while and not just if he has been in the diaper too long. Nearly every diaper leaks, and I could have just changed it 15 mins before. I think my little guy is just a very heavy wetter! I had to purchase Pampers in Switzerland and even those leak about 40% of the time. Right now I'm using Huggies and 7th gen while we are in the house (I have two bags of diapers in his size so I have to use them up). Colin is still too small for the large g-diapers, but I'm hoping as I get him weaned from breast milk over the next three months he won't pass so much urine and I can go back to g-diapers. I have read that I can double up the liners but those puppies aren't cheep so I'll just save them.
I'm disappointed but I can't keep changing his clothes three or four times a day. 1) I don't have that many outfits in the right season (its finally getting warmer!) and size, and 2) I already do laundry 1 or 2 times a week, I can't fit in anymore laundry!
I'll let you know when things change.

Edited to add:
One more thing. Whoever invented baby pj's that that are fastened with over a dozen snaps should get a wet willy! Clearly they never had to snap those puppies in the middle of the night when it is dark and your child has soaked yet ANOTHER set of pj's at 3am. Zippered pj's are the way to go and they aren't always easy to find!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Colin is 9 Months Old!

First let me tell you that the last 9 months have gone by faster and been a heck of a lot more fun than the 9 months previous to that. However, I used to sleep through the night, not so much anymore, but I'm hopeful that it will improve.

So what is Colin like at 9 months old? My near constant refrain right now is that holding Colin is like wrestling a piglet! Gone are the days when he would sit peacefully in my lap for long stretches of time. Now he is all about jumping and climbing and wiggling. He is definitely a bouncing baby boy.
Here are his stats this month.
UPDATED: (this numbers don't look any different from last month. I think the PA probably measured his height wrong last month, and I think I may have written the weight wrong last month because they had it different at the office than what I have written down)
Height: 30" high 90th %itl
Weight: 21lbs 6oz high 90th %ilt
Head Circumference: couldn't get a good measurement this month, Colin was having NONE of it.

Sleeping: No real change in sleeping to report. However, his overnight eating is decreased. The other night he went from 7:00 until 3:30 without eating. The goal time was 1am, and he slept from 12:30 to 3:30 (this was done with a little assistance from a dose of Tylenol to ease his teething discomfort). Baby boot camp starts soon, but I'm trying to find a stretch of time without any travel disruptions that will disrupt the consistency. I hope to have big improvements to report by the 10 month birthday.

Eating: Colin was on a solid food strike for about a week after the introduction of finger foods. All he would eat were puffs unless I could sneak a bit in while he was trying to get the puff in his mouth. That seems to have gotten better with the change in eating position from always eating in his high chair to occasionally eating in his bouncer. He now will eat 2-4oz at a time (up from 1-2 previous to the food strike) We are also now trying some proteins. Tofu and Chicken have not gone over very well on their own but I'm hoping some new recipe combinations will help this along. I bought a new baby cookbook so I'm excited to try some new foods. We did try mango last week and he didn't like it at all by itself but did enjoy the mix of mango and bananas. Bananas are a definite favorite others include apples w/blueberries, and sweet potatoes.


  • Puffs. My my, if I knew how wonderful these were at keeping Colin happy I would have started them sooner!
  • Pulling on skin. Colin's favorite thing to do is pull on people's faces and chests. I'm not sure what the deal with this is but it can be mighty annoying. In order to stop him from pulling on my face while I feed him I have started giving him a blanket to hold. This is also an attempt to create a security object... so far it isn't working.
  • Climbing, jumping, and wiggling (see above)
  • Baby Signing Time. I know babies are supposed to watch TV but I allow this because I like the idea of him using sign language. He just LOVES IT, even the FBI warning that signals it is about to start elicits squeals of joy. Also when he is cranky Sean and I can sing the songs to him and he calms right down.
  • Flash Cards. Along with his books, Colin also loves looking at flash cards. We have the first two sets of flash cards for Baby Signing Time and he loves to watch me sign the word on the card. He often looks to my hands in anticipation of the sign after I've showed him the card. I know this seems silly to use flash cards with a baby but he likes it, and it is just like reading a book.
  • Being strapped into things, strollers, car seats, or highchairs for example. My child isn't big on straps!
  • The giggle ball. He still hates it.
  • The vacuum.
  • Green Veggies. Colin has my food induced gag reflex for sure! I have found an organic jarred 'green beans and rice' that he tolerates well. This is probably because the flavor has been cooked out of the beans (and with it the nutrients!) but we are trying. He will eat avocado sliced not mashed, but I think avocado is actually a fruit so it probably doesn't count.
  • Face washing. You would think I was using sandpaper and ice cubes to wash his face!
New things
  • New "words" ga ga and goo goo have made an appearance as well as na na. We occasionally get the m sound but it is more of a moan than a 'ma'
  • New "signs" he makes the sign for cold a lot but clearly has no intent. It is actually a very intuitive sign. Hold your hands in fists with your elbows bent. Elbows by your hips, fists by your shoulders. Now shake your fists like you are shivering.
  • Colin can pull himself up in his crib to stand. In the week after we got home from Switzerland I had to drop the crib down for safety reasons.
  • He is crawling backwards and occasionally goes forward but does so on his toes not his knees. It is cute and I'm trying to get it on film.
  • As you saw in the recent video he is playing peek-a-boo now.
  • Teeth! As of last night we are up to 7, but I'm expecting its partner (to make an even 4 on top 4 on the bottom) any day now.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Favorite things - For the to 3-6 month old.

I wrote my first favorite things post when Colin was 2 months old, so I thought I would update you on some of my newer favorite things. As Colin gets older and his needs and abilities change, so do our favorite things. So here they are, my favorite things during his 3-6 month old phase. (Although the use of these was/is not limited to that time frame.) (I think I should say "favorite things" one more time for emphasis)

Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes. This toy is an absolute life saver, especially in the car. You press the large central button and it plays a classical tune and colored lights blink. Colin becomes memorized by it and it can buy me 15 minutes of content time to stall him. I can't tell you the number of times he starts fussing when I'm 5 minutes away from the house, I reach back and press the button and bam, like magic the fussiness stops. Of course the songs are only about 20 seconds long so I have to press the button a few more times before we get home but still, it often distracts him well enough that even after it goes off he stays content a little while longer. At around 7 months started pushing the button himself but it doesn't seem to be intentional every time. (We actually now have two of these, just in case!)

Sassy Earth Brights Wooden Toy: Another favorite of Colin's is this odd looking foot shaped toy made by Sassy. He loves to have his face tickled by the "feathers" and to chew on the "toes". Little hands aren't always coordinated so this toy is good because I can hold the feather part secure while he plays with the other end without it falling loudly to the floor at his whim. This is especially helpful when we are in church (for the quiet factor) or anywhere out really where you won't want to give the toy back after it has hit the floor. One of Sean's co-workers gave this to Colin because it was a favorite of his own daughters (who is about four months older than Colin.)

Itzbeen Baby Timer: I know I am going to be made fun of for this, but shortly after 'The book" (discussed here) went away, I started using this timer to help me keep track of Colin's diaper changes, feedings and sleeping times (and occasionally Tylenol). It is basically a digital version of the book but the data is not stored anywhere. I know it seems anal but honestly, the sleep deprivation makes me a little forgetful about everything so this is a handy reminder of when I did things last. You simply press the corresponding button when you do something and it counts up time from there, so you know how long it has been since Colin ate, for example. I have the diaper setting on a five hour alarm, so that button blinks (can be audible if you want it to) when it has been more than five hours. This helps me remember to change his diaper at night before it is too late. By too late I mean anytime after 3am, you change a diaper at that hour and Colin wakes up completely and will stay awake for an hour. However, if I leave the diaper on too long that wakes him up more because I assume it is uncomfortable. Before the alarm, I would have him completely asleep and then curse myself for not changing his diaper first! Who can remember that upon waking up! I feel a little like the TV show Lost constantly asking "Did you push the button?" but it works for us for now. (Note: we stopped using this after Switzerland. Colin can now go three hours plus between feedings so I no longer have to plan around two hour intervals)

Finally, my Hotslings baby carrier! This is another must have in my opinion. I could not have functioned in Switzerland without it. Frankly, I couldn't vacuum or do laundry without it! We also have a Baby Bjorn, but I can't tell you enough that this one is so much better. Sean uses the Bjorn occasionally, but for me, the weight isn't distributed well enough to use it for any length of time. This sling is east to use, and doesn't require much instruction (unlike the moby wraps which just confuse the heck out of me). You just fold it, put it over your head and slip baby into it. If I forget to bring it with me while we go shopping I get so annoyed because Colin is just to heavy and wiggly to accomplish anything while holding him. He does sit in shoppnig carts but if a stranger (usually a man) talks to him and makes him nervous it is over, he has to be held. The sling makes it so I can still finish the shopping trip! Have you ever tried pushing a full cart one handed, it isn't easy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pictures

The Joy that bubbles out of this child is simply immeasurable. "when cousin's are two of a kind"

The highlight of the day for Lukas
Vroom vroom!! Lets go Cuz!
Reading together
More matchy matchy poo poo courtesy of their (great) Aunt Randi

Our little family

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Serious cuteness!

Colin learned how to play peek-a-boo with a blanket and i got in on video. He is seriously the cutest baby I've ever made! =)

Peek-A-Boo from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

And no he isn't wearing any pants. I took them off for his afternoon nap (because who likes to sleep in jeans!?) and I guess I didn't put them back on.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just so you know...

I have reverted back to the pop up style of comments because I can not leave comments on my own or other blogs when the embedded style of comments is used. No idea why, but I've tried on internet explorer and Firefox. So if you have noticed my absence of comments on your own blog (Erin, Julie, Daisy) that is why. I keep trying to publish comments but they never show up. Comments on my blog have been down so I thought maybe that was happening for other people too. Pop up comments seem to work fine.

New Sleep Solution.

I didn't mean to keep you in suspense, my other post had to be cut short because Colin woke up. Here is the rest of the story. In the original plan the author assumes you have a way to put your baby to sleep already and then outlines how to slowly move toward baby going to sleep on his own. The plan is meant to be less traumatic for the child with no tears, something that in theory sounds ideal. I wanted this to work in the worst way because I hate the idea of letting Colin "cry it out." However when I tried to take steps forward it lead to a three day crib strike which was miserable for everyone. We tried co-sleeping but Colin just wakes up more and neither Sean or I sleep well. I was falling asleep while he was nursing which meant he slept ON TOP of me which quickly spiraled into him only wanting to sleep on top of me, I couldn't even put him next to me. Obviously that was not going to work. Additionally, it just isn't safe anymore with him being more mobile. I can't put our bed on the floor for many reasons one being storage. So I'm in the midst of formulating a new plan. The No-Cry plan didn't work for us so we are moving on to the "some-cry" plan. I still refuse to let Colin "cry-it-out", I'm just not that desperate yet. Our new plan will be based on Tracy Hogg's book The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems. She describes herself as middle of the road between Ferber (Cry-it-out) and Sears (Attachment Parenting/Co-Sleeping) and while I don't agree with everything she says I like the sound of her sleep plan (especially that part where it should only take a week).
Neither Colin or I could go cold-turkey on night time feedings so I'm instituting a plan right now to start pushing him to go through the night without eating, even if he can't do it without waking up. Sorry kid, the all night snack bar is closed (the open all night aspect of it is closed anyway!) Once I get him to stop eating then I will go "balls to the wall" with Tracy's plan. So here is a quick outline of the plan as of right now.

  • He goes to sleep without nursing to sleep. He actually started moving in this direction on his own and I just pushed him further. In the weeks after Switzerland he was ending the nusing session, sitting up on my lap and then resting his head on my chest. If he tried to go back to nursing I simply didn't (and continue not to) let him. This does result in some crying but there have been no real tears involved, he is simply letting me know this is not the way we usually do this. I just change possitions and songs freqently and he eventually goes to sleep. (Honestly this has been easier than I thought, he cries more when I try to clean his face than from not being allowed to nurse)
  • We set a "goal time" for how long he has to wait before eating. He generally goes to sleep around 7/7:30, the goal time the first night was 10.
  • After three nights at that goal, we add 1 hour to the goal time.
  • Beyond the goal time I'm more flexible, but I have started adding a new goal time 3 hours after the first. We start to have trouble around 4am because he has often decides to be awake for an hour or two at that time, so I'm very motivated to just put him back to sleep as fast as possible at that hour.
  • Once he is going the whole night without eating (which will hopefully make him a better eater during the day) I will then institute the Pick Up/Put Down method to break him of needing us to go back to sleep (I have a faint hope that he will wake up less once he knows there is no food invovled, but so far no dice). It is just what it sounds like. Colin cries, I pick him up and as soon as he stops (and not a second later) he gets put back down, at which point he will cry again, and you repeat until you basically exhaust the child into sleeping. If Colin were younger she says it would only take three days for him to sleep through the night but he is 8 months old so she is guessing it will take a week plus. You can see why this is appealing!
  • Meanwhile, I am trying to break Colin's nurse to sleep association at nap time. We are further behind at nap time because of the No-cry's advice, but we are trying to move forward. I hate messing with naps because I have just gotten him back on track taking two good naps (1.5-2hrs) but I know in the long run it is better for him (and me) to fix it now. It is hard through because if I push him to much I miss the window and that just sucks!
So that is the plan. I'm hopeful this will work, it will really be a test of my persistence more than anything else. Already I am seeing some signs of improvement. For example, Colin used to get very upset when Sean tried to soothe him in the middle of the night and now since I'm not letting him nurse, he doesn't seem to care if Sean is the one to go in. In fact, when it comes to putting Colin back in his crib, Sean has an easier time than I do.

Wish me luck!

Monday, April 6, 2009

No-Cry Sleep "Solution"

I failed at getting Colin to sleep using the No Cry Sleep Solution. I'm not saying it won't work for anyone and I'm willing to admit the reason it isn't working is probably my fault but regardless I'm fabricating a new plan. Before I tell you about the new plan I want to outline the ways the no-cry sleep solution, and my interpretation of it made things harder.

What she says: Take a week and do whatever you need to get your baby back to sleep as fast as possible.
What I did: Nursed Colin back to sleep every time he woke up. (Previously we were only allowing him to nurse every 3 hours, if he woke up in between Sean tried to put him back to sleep, which frequently meant Sean was up with him for over an hour)

What she says: Naps are too important to miss, do whatever you need to do to get your baby to nap during the day.
What I did: Nursed Colin to sleep for his naps.

What she says: If at anytime you or your baby get upset, go ahead and put him to sleep in your usual way.
What I did: Colin got upset nearly every time I put him in his crib in any kind of awake state, so I quite frequently had to revert back to nursing to sleep.

So what started as a mild nurse to sleep association (he could go back to sleep without nursing, and only about 50% of naps required nursing to sleep) because a full blown must nurse to sleep association (although he will go to sleep in the car or in the stroller). Now to be honest, I think this is the reason we had such a cooperative baby in Switzerland. He is very flexible in where he naps as long as I am there to nurse him down, so there was never an issue of Colin refusing to nap because he didn't have his crib. So while it does have its advantages, the time has come to fully break this association.

For anyone familiar with the book, the gentle removal plan gets me BIT about 50% of the time so it isn't working very well.

Another reason this plan didn't work is because Colin learned quickly that all he had to do was get upset and I would back down.

So after 60+days of trying I'm giving up on this plan and forming a new one.

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weekend of Parents and Projects!

I had my favorite worker bees in town last weekend!! (Remember last time) As soon as I found out my dad was coming for FOUR days I thought "PROJECT!!" So Sean and I put our heads together and decided that our main bathroom needed a face lift! Of course that wasn't the only thing we accomplished. With my Mom doing most of the baby tending (and loving every minute of it) Dad, Sean and I got to work. Some of the minor projects we accomplished:
Cookbook shelf in the kitchen was stabilized after a failed attempt to mount it without my dad.
Baby gate installed on the door to Colin's room (and you can still close the door!)
Both locks on the front door actually work now, and the knob won't fall off anymore. (Although we are hoping to never to get locked IN our apartment again, we are working on fixing that problem.)
And now for the main event: Here is the Before:

And here is the AFTER. The tiles and tub didn't change but we updated the light fixture, mirror, vanity, shower head, over the toilet cabinet, and light switch. We repainted the room and removed all the paint from the tile where previous owners have failed to tape (so terrible!) To you it might not look that different but to us it is a HUGE improvement. We actually have room to breath in there now. The new shower head is luxury defined! It is a "Rain Spa" and you can have both the stationary and the removable head going at the same time...ahhh!

Signs of Spring

Swiss Daffodils!
Colin outside in the 60 degree weather!

So happy to be swinging outside!