Friday, April 17, 2009

Colin is 9 Months Old!

First let me tell you that the last 9 months have gone by faster and been a heck of a lot more fun than the 9 months previous to that. However, I used to sleep through the night, not so much anymore, but I'm hopeful that it will improve.

So what is Colin like at 9 months old? My near constant refrain right now is that holding Colin is like wrestling a piglet! Gone are the days when he would sit peacefully in my lap for long stretches of time. Now he is all about jumping and climbing and wiggling. He is definitely a bouncing baby boy.
Here are his stats this month.
UPDATED: (this numbers don't look any different from last month. I think the PA probably measured his height wrong last month, and I think I may have written the weight wrong last month because they had it different at the office than what I have written down)
Height: 30" high 90th %itl
Weight: 21lbs 6oz high 90th %ilt
Head Circumference: couldn't get a good measurement this month, Colin was having NONE of it.

Sleeping: No real change in sleeping to report. However, his overnight eating is decreased. The other night he went from 7:00 until 3:30 without eating. The goal time was 1am, and he slept from 12:30 to 3:30 (this was done with a little assistance from a dose of Tylenol to ease his teething discomfort). Baby boot camp starts soon, but I'm trying to find a stretch of time without any travel disruptions that will disrupt the consistency. I hope to have big improvements to report by the 10 month birthday.

Eating: Colin was on a solid food strike for about a week after the introduction of finger foods. All he would eat were puffs unless I could sneak a bit in while he was trying to get the puff in his mouth. That seems to have gotten better with the change in eating position from always eating in his high chair to occasionally eating in his bouncer. He now will eat 2-4oz at a time (up from 1-2 previous to the food strike) We are also now trying some proteins. Tofu and Chicken have not gone over very well on their own but I'm hoping some new recipe combinations will help this along. I bought a new baby cookbook so I'm excited to try some new foods. We did try mango last week and he didn't like it at all by itself but did enjoy the mix of mango and bananas. Bananas are a definite favorite others include apples w/blueberries, and sweet potatoes.


  • Puffs. My my, if I knew how wonderful these were at keeping Colin happy I would have started them sooner!
  • Pulling on skin. Colin's favorite thing to do is pull on people's faces and chests. I'm not sure what the deal with this is but it can be mighty annoying. In order to stop him from pulling on my face while I feed him I have started giving him a blanket to hold. This is also an attempt to create a security object... so far it isn't working.
  • Climbing, jumping, and wiggling (see above)
  • Baby Signing Time. I know babies are supposed to watch TV but I allow this because I like the idea of him using sign language. He just LOVES IT, even the FBI warning that signals it is about to start elicits squeals of joy. Also when he is cranky Sean and I can sing the songs to him and he calms right down.
  • Flash Cards. Along with his books, Colin also loves looking at flash cards. We have the first two sets of flash cards for Baby Signing Time and he loves to watch me sign the word on the card. He often looks to my hands in anticipation of the sign after I've showed him the card. I know this seems silly to use flash cards with a baby but he likes it, and it is just like reading a book.
  • Being strapped into things, strollers, car seats, or highchairs for example. My child isn't big on straps!
  • The giggle ball. He still hates it.
  • The vacuum.
  • Green Veggies. Colin has my food induced gag reflex for sure! I have found an organic jarred 'green beans and rice' that he tolerates well. This is probably because the flavor has been cooked out of the beans (and with it the nutrients!) but we are trying. He will eat avocado sliced not mashed, but I think avocado is actually a fruit so it probably doesn't count.
  • Face washing. You would think I was using sandpaper and ice cubes to wash his face!
New things
  • New "words" ga ga and goo goo have made an appearance as well as na na. We occasionally get the m sound but it is more of a moan than a 'ma'
  • New "signs" he makes the sign for cold a lot but clearly has no intent. It is actually a very intuitive sign. Hold your hands in fists with your elbows bent. Elbows by your hips, fists by your shoulders. Now shake your fists like you are shivering.
  • Colin can pull himself up in his crib to stand. In the week after we got home from Switzerland I had to drop the crib down for safety reasons.
  • He is crawling backwards and occasionally goes forward but does so on his toes not his knees. It is cute and I'm trying to get it on film.
  • As you saw in the recent video he is playing peek-a-boo now.
  • Teeth! As of last night we are up to 7, but I'm expecting its partner (to make an even 4 on top 4 on the bottom) any day now.

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