Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh Boys!

A few pictures from our trip to CT to see Erin, Sam and Ben! Oh boy did the boys have a good time together!
Lets make a train!
Colin is 4 months younger but about 2 lbs heavier (and a whole lot paler). Colin (born at 40wks) weighed more at birth that Sam and Ben (born at 32wks) put together.


Julie said...

it looks like Ben and Sam are giving Colin a "tour" of the house:)

AbbeM said...

The pics of them crawling in a line are adorable. I love that they're all in "matching" diapers as well. Looks like a fun time!

Anonymous said...

The three amigos...too precious!! xo Mom

Daisy and Ryan said...

These pictures are absolutely ADORABLE!!