Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weekend of Parents and Projects!

I had my favorite worker bees in town last weekend!! (Remember last time) As soon as I found out my dad was coming for FOUR days I thought "PROJECT!!" So Sean and I put our heads together and decided that our main bathroom needed a face lift! Of course that wasn't the only thing we accomplished. With my Mom doing most of the baby tending (and loving every minute of it) Dad, Sean and I got to work. Some of the minor projects we accomplished:
Cookbook shelf in the kitchen was stabilized after a failed attempt to mount it without my dad.
Baby gate installed on the door to Colin's room (and you can still close the door!)
Both locks on the front door actually work now, and the knob won't fall off anymore. (Although we are hoping to never to get locked IN our apartment again, we are working on fixing that problem.)
And now for the main event: Here is the Before:

And here is the AFTER. The tiles and tub didn't change but we updated the light fixture, mirror, vanity, shower head, over the toilet cabinet, and light switch. We repainted the room and removed all the paint from the tile where previous owners have failed to tape (so terrible!) To you it might not look that different but to us it is a HUGE improvement. We actually have room to breath in there now. The new shower head is luxury defined! It is a "Rain Spa" and you can have both the stationary and the removable head going at the same time...ahhh!


Erin said...

Very nice! I always have a list of projects for my parents when they come to visit, too. I figure all the activity is good for them. Right?? Bathroom looks great!

Anonymous said...

We always have a list for Anthony's Dad when he comes to visit, too! Likin' the new bathroom!

Anonymous said...

It looks very nice. You can paint tiles. I have been there is this special type of paint that they have used on home shows online, in case you ever wanted to do that and save a lot of money instead of ripping out the tiles. Sometimes small changes, like the ones you did, make huge changes within a space. -Elaine

Julie said...

nice updates! we have the same cabinet in our bathroom and we love it. next week matt is going to paint the nursery....but i will be doing the rest!

Crystal said...

Congratulations!! Love the new updates!