Monday, May 18, 2009

Colin is 10 months old.

There are so many cute pictures from yesterday that I'm giving you more than the typical amount in the monthly update.

This post should have gone up yesterday (the 17th) but we were visiting my family upstate for my cousin's birthday. Colin was a very good boy and had a great time performing for everyone.

So here is what Colin is up to at ten months old (no size stats this month):
Sleeping: The biggest change in sleeping this month is that he no longer has a nurse-to-sleep association. I think this is a pretty big deal, even though it hasn't lead to an increase in sleeping duration. I would have liked to report more good news this month but our baby boot camp was canceled due to our unscheduled illness mid month. He had been doing better until about a week after he started crawling. Apparently we hit the typical nine month old sleep recession HARD. I have been up with him for 20 mins of nearly every hour the last few nights. Prior to this he had been waking up once or twice between 7 and 12 and then waking up around 2:35 and 4:45. If he gets into this pattern again I have a plan to break him of the habitual waking. I'm expecting things to return to pre-crawling sleeping over the next week (that's optimism for ya!)

Eating: Colin if self feeding most of his meals these days, as documented here. I can still feed him about 3-4 oz of typical baby food in between his own bites of solid foods. He is even eating green foods that he had previously rejected. I've been warned that these days are numbered so I'm trying to maximize his healthy veggie eating while I have the chance. Likes:
  • Self feeding. Man does this kid love to put food in his own mouth!
  • Going out. You should see how excited he gets when he head toward the door.
  • Grocery shopping. He has really started enjoying our trips to the grocery store. He rides in the cart and attracts attention from anyone and everyone. Last month he was much more stranger shy, this month he is drawing people in like flies to honey.
  • An audience. Once he warms to a crowd this child loves to perform and be the center of attention.
  • The new car seat. He seems to like the new vantage point to see out the window.
  • Turning the pages in his books. He can pass a good 15-30 mins just paging through his books. It is very sweet.
  • Getting dressed. I think Colin might be a wrestler when he gets older, he has some pretty impressive evasive maneuvers.
  • Face washing. He still cries and fights it every time.
New Things
  • Car seat. I think this was actually new last month but I never mentioned it. We switched out his infant car seat just before Easter. He seems to like the new one, although moving him if he falls asleep in the car is no longer easy.
  • Colin is now standing without support for up to about 30 seconds. He loves every minute of it. He was pulling up last month and now he lets go.
  • He walks with support, and will wander around the furniture. He certainly has the bruises to show for his new hobby.
New Words/Signs
  • We have made big strides in the communication aspect this month. Colin is saying 'mama' and 'dada' with regularity and knows who he wants when he says them.
  • Our new favorite is that he says and signs 'all done' actually he just says 'ah da' but he only says it when he is ready to get out of the high chair. He actually signs 'all done' in a variety of situations: when he is getting dressed, when his face is being cleaned, when we are strapping him into the stroller. It is actually pretty cute that he is attempting to assert himself. (I say that now...)
  • He actually signed more today spontaneously but it probably doesn't count for this post.


Erica said...

He is so cute!

Julie said...

I cannot believe how fast he is growing! I bet each stage of development is exciting. It seems like he just began crawling, and now he is almost walking! These pictures are very cute. I especially like the one with your mom.

Andrea (Mom to the B's) said...

Love the Grandma pictures!

Kristeen said...

"Likes: An audience. Once he warms to a crowd this child loves to perform and be the center of attention." This one's a shocker :) Never would have expected that from your child... Oh I love you.

Anonymous said...

That's "our" boy! Loves an audience..can't imagine anything different from that apple!! :) xoxo G'ma j

Erin said...

I also love the gramma picture, obviously, but I like the first picture best! He looks like a little boy. Can you even believe it?!

Anonymous said...

As a wrestler, AKA The Wash Cloth Warrior, his move can be whipping out a wash cloth as his surprise move and scrubbing people's faces. As he accepts an award at Wrestlemania, he will thank his mom and his dad for such good hygiene habits (ha ha ha).

His pictures are too darn cute and I can totally feel the love from your mom.

I am still sorry to hear about the sleeping thing, I honestly could not imagine doing that day after day. I think at some point your body gets used to it, but then again your body still wants sleep. I love to sleep, not late, just a good night's rest, I better stockpile it now for when the day comes.

I was wondering if you have more information about what you decided to do to baby proof the house? -Elaine