Friday, May 15, 2009

Favorite Things for feeding babies.

All the products included in my 'Favorite Things' I have purchased and tried on my own accord. None of the companies that make these products have asked me to review them.

Boon Squirt I am not exaggerating when I tell you this is the greatest baby innovation I have come across to date! I have only had this spoon for about a week and a half and do not know why I waited so long to get it or how I lived without it. You load up the food in the back and it gently squeezes out a pin size hole in the top of the spoon. It holds a jar of food and it makes feeding while you are out of the house very neat and easy In fact I fed Colin with it while he was in a grocery cart and I was shopping!! We've also used it at the mall, at a bbq and while in the car. I love it I love it I love it, I wish I got two. It also comes in hot pink! The one downside is the spoon is a little deep so I have to angle it just right to get all the food off of it and in his mouth. As with the rest of these favorites, they are PVC, BPA and phthalte free.

Bumpkins Super Bibs They aren't kidding when they say these are super bibs! They are ideal for use with babies eating solids (as opposed to bottle feeding) The bibs are made of a special waterproof fabric that cleans up with a simple wipe, but when they get too dirty they can go right in the wash. Way better than using a cloth bib that can only be used once and gets stained. Ideal for traveling too because you can bring fewer bibs along. Did I mention they are PVC FREE and wipe-able?!? Plus the little pouch catches food really well but also serves as a food holder for eating puffs in the car seat (my 'snack traps' havn't arrived yet but this works for now)

Sassy Feeding Bowl Set The great thing about these bowls is the suction cup base that attaches to any of the bowls so you can lock it onto the tray or table. When I give Colin fruit I like to use the bowl so I can spare the stickiness being rubbed all over the tray (and then his sleeves.) It isn't fool proof because he can pull pieces out and put them on the tray but it definitely decreases the mess. These are not the only bowls with bases like this but they are the only ones I saw with removable suction cups, and they weren't that expensive compared to other suction bowls.They have lids too so I toss them in the diaper bag and go directly from bag to table. Love them! I only wish they came with more than one suction cup so I could use two bowls at once (lets just get crazy!)

Play and Learn Baby Spoon affectionately referred to as the 'rocket spoon'. This spoon, for whatever reason has allowed me to get more food into Colin than a normal baby spoon. Its purpose is to help babies learn to self feed but Colin just likes to eat off of it more than other spoons. I generally start with a normal spoon and pull this one out when things start going south. I can also let him hold it and help him scoop food off of it. The double ended nature means there isn't a pointy end to get shoved down his throat. It also seems to hold more food and make less of a mess than a traditional baby spoon. Anything that gets more food in Colin is a winner in my book!
n.b. While Colin is a 'big boy' he is not a good eater. Obviously I'm not worried about him not thriving but in order to wean him I have to get him to take more solids. More on weaning another time.


Erin said...

I can't believe you can get Colin to eat babyfood! At 10 months, my guys wanted nothing to do with me feeding them, which was unfortunate because I liked getting all those vegetables into their bellies!

Ah, the rocket spoon -- that caused some major wars when you guys were visiting!

Julie said...

more stuff to add to the registry, thanks:)

Daisy and Ryan said...

I had planned on getting the Boon squirt spoon, but we never did...and now Aiden's eating chunky foods or finger foods mostly, so it's not worth it to get now. But I think it's a wonderful idea! And I was surprised by how big it was when I finally saw it in the store!

We actually have a JJ Cole bib - they're right next to the Bumpkins at BRU - some thing with no PVC, no pthalates, BPA, etc, but the JJ Cole ones are thicker, which I liked (and .50 cheaper - haha! not much, I know, just wanted to throw it in!). ;)

We also have the play and learn spoon but haven't used it for eating yet. I let Aiden play with it - it's a GREAT teether!! And he can't shove it too far in his mouth. It will be great when he starts learning to feed himself. :) I've been planning on blogging about them (along with a ton of other topics that I just haven't had the time for...).

And I went and grabbed these bowls after seeing them on here. We were due some. We use glass ones now, but I needed something for out and about - and with lids! We also got the boon snack ball - do you have that? It's so cute! Great for those puffs (which we also love!) and to throw into the diaper bag.