Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finger foods!

Colin went through a stage where he was totally un-interested in food, or more specifically in being fed! He had been interested in eating his puffs, but that was it. So after visiting Erin and watching her boys eat all finger foods I decided to try to see if Colin would eat other finger foods. I had tried banana but he had a hard time holding it because it is so slippery and mushy. Turns out he loves feeding himself, and I can actually get some food purees in hi in between bites of other foods. In fact he actually ate pureed broccoli (sharing the spoon with a little pear) the other night! I'll list out the foods we've tried and if you have other ideas I'm all ears.
Colin Likes:
  • banana (torn by hand so it is less slippery)
  • baked apple pieces
  • grapes (cut into 8 pieces each)
  • baby Goldfish
  • Ritz type crackers (broken)
  • graham crackers (Keebler grahams have no HFCS but they do have partially hydrogenated oils...still looking for a better option)
  • some cheeses
  • Baby Mum-Mum (broken)
Colin does NOT like:
  • toast
  • waffles (trader joes brand or Kashi)
  • string cheese
  • kiwi
We have yet to try:
  • cooked carrots, peas, beans
  • cereal bars (I hear Kashi makes one with no HFCS but I cant' find it)
  • blueberries
Got any other ideas?


Kristeen said...

It looks like he had a blast eating these finger foods... and all I can think of is how much of a blast it must have been for you cleaning him up, considering how much he loves having his face wiped :)

Daisy and Ryan said...

Aiden had a hard time with the bananas the other day, too. I had to feed him those - just not the right texture for him to grab yet.

What about just plain bread, not toasted? Aiden does great with that.

We've given Aiden wheat bread, the puffs (thanks for the blog about the organic ones - they're great!), hard boiled egg yolks, some ground turkey from burrito night (with the seasoning - he loved it!), some tiny pieces of hamburger, shredded cheese (and a couple small pieces from a block), and pancakes. Also watermelon - but that had to be really small, and I had to feed him that, too - it doesn't mush as well, so they were tiny pieces, and it's slippery, too. We tried peas, too - but he's not ready for that. They don't mush as well b/c of the outside covering. So he was turning his head at that - but then I fed him some pureed peas,and he was all about it, so I knew it was the "mushability" of the peas, not the taste.

We're JUST starting, so I haven't tried much yet. Basically, if we're eating something that I think he can hold and eat in small pieces, I'll try it! I'll just tear off some from my food and see what he does with it. :)

You mentioned cereal bars with no HFCS - Trader Joe's is free of that. :) And they're yummy!

AbbeM said...

I recommend Annie's Honey Graham Bunnies. They taste outstanding, are all organic (so no HFCS, just cane sugar), and Natalie LOVES them. I enjoy eating them too! The same company also makes Wheat Bunnies, which I bought a box of but we haven't tried them yet.

I have given Natalie Nutri-Grain cereal bars. It just occurred to me that I never checked them for HFCS - I should do that! But she likes them a lot too.

Erin said...

Do you have a Whole Foods near you? They make great cereal bars that are pretty inexpensive ($1.99 for 8) without any HFCS, partially-hydrogenated oils, etc. Any organic cereal bars from the regular grocery store will be without those add-ins, too, but definitely more expensive. We've tried the Kashi cereal bars and I didn't like them -- they are really hard (I thought that maybe the first box was stale, but both boxes were like that).

Here's a trick for banana when he is still in the process of learning to pick things up -- cut up the banana and then roll it in some crushed up Cheerios. Makes it a lot easier to handle.

I don't like "real" graham crackers for the boys, they crumble too much when I break them, and I can't give them a whole cracker (for obvious reasons). Earth's Best makes great graham cracker sticks (as well as cereal bars) that you can order on -- highly recommend them.

Have you tried any sort of pasta? We love Annie's Mac and Cheese -- I make it with greek yogurt rather than butter and milk so it is more nutritious and the cheese sauce is thicker. What about grilled cheese? For a while, to get extra vegetables into them, I would add a pureed vegetable to the cheese middle prior to cooking -- they loved it and I loved that they were eating a vegetable -- it is very messy, though, and best for just before bathtime! You can also put some shredded up meat into the middle of the sandwich and he'll never know the difference.

Sam and Ben don't really like string cheese, either, but LOVE colby jack. If you don't want to give him chunks yet, you can always shred it up and just put a pile on his tray.

Turkey meatballs -- huge hit with Ben.

Hmm, that's all I can think of for now ...

Anonymous said...

Love..Love the pictures...:) Can't wait for Sunday!!!!

Kristy said...

I just held onto the banana for Lukas to take bites out of. He thought it was more fun that way.

I like the greek yogurt idea in the mac & cheese and the pureed veggies on the grilled cheese. I always spread pesto on my grilled cheese so I don't know why I didn't think to do that for Lukas.

Pirates Booty is always a hit. Did you ever get those Kamut Puffs? Lukas loved those!

Andrea (Mom to the B's) said...

Does Colin look a bit like Lukas? He is getting so big! Can you believe he is coming up on a year! Would love to see you all on the west coast, lots of baby cousins on this side!

Becky said...

Wow these are some great suggestions. I went to Whole foods today (and fell in love) and found some great things to try. like cereal bars, and crackers and cry cereal and all sorts of fun stuff.

Kristy said...

Um, what? You haven't been to Whole Foods before? What?

Anonymous said...

Can I only get a fancy picture up if I have a fancy blogspot site? I feel left out..sniff sniff.

I have no child friendly advice about foods but as soon as he can, I would start with chocolate, it does a body good----well it does consist of dairy and helps with your neurotransmitters to release a good feeling.

Anonymous said...

Bec, when I first looked at those pictures I thought like Andrea that Colin was looking a little like Lukas also. Love, Mom

mommymac4 said...

Make sure you cut the blueberries in half because the skin is hard to break through (in case you didn't know already, but I did read your pea blog). How about trying pear or veggies steamed and cut? I tried tofu with mine, but no one liked it. I also gave mine canned beans (they liked navy the best) because the skins were softer in the can and they weren't big meat fans. Be warned though, he may not let you feed him anymore! At least 2 of mine rejected anything they couldn't feed themselves by 10 1/2 months. You can call me for more ideas if you need them :)