Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sleeping Successes

I'm attempting to reject superstition and go ahead and discuss the success we have had with sleeping this week. After a very awful week or so, the last five days or so have been going really well. Colin has been sleeping 4-5 1/2 hours at a stretch between 9/10 and 2/3. Last night he only woke up TWICE! That is a miracle in my opinion. I attribute our success to a few things.
  1. I re-instated a 3:30 feeding. I had him not eating until 5:00 but during our very bad week I had mistakenly tried to replace another daytime nursing session with formula. It went very badly and I had to feed Colin overnight because he was just so hungry. The next night he slept 5 hours until 3:30 and woke up hungry so I decided to 'reward' his long sleep by allowing him to nurse (and I was just so exhausted from the previous horrible night, I couldn't stomach the idea of fighting with him for hours again.) Since then he seems to be compromising with me. If I let him eat at 3:30, he will sleep from 9/10ish until around that time. He then goes back to sleep until 5:30/6:00.
  2. The more he eats during his dinner meal the longer he sleeps. I'm really trying to boost protein and calories with his last real meal of the day. If he eats 4oz or more it seems to lead to 4+ hours of sleeping. He is a much better eater lately so this has become realistic.
  3. He is starting to allow stomach sleeping. It was an accident that he ended up on his stomach one night, I thought for sure I would be back in his room in 10 mins but he slept 5 hours. The next night Sean got him to roll onto his stomach again and he stayed down for 4 hours. Now we are really encouraging this new position. Sean discovered that patting him on the back fast and firmly discourages him from pushing up to a crawl and he goes to sleep.
I know we will still have setbacks, but if we can get into a rhythm with this schedule I will be SO pleased. This schedule would mean I only have to get up ONE TIME at night.

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Anonymous said...

I'm soo soo happy for you guys...will not say anymore for fear of jinxing..xo Love, Mom