Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photos Gallore.

Sean and I took Colin up to visit my family. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Here is Colin's future wife, Lilly Keville
Colin playing with a ball.

Look at that smile!

Someday we are going to look at this picture and say "Look how young we were!"

The Proud Papa (as in Father)

Colin making a funny face

Colin and the ball again.

Gardening with Grandma

Happy 2nd Birthday Lukas!

The Jones girls and their boys
, nearly one year later.

A nice way to end the day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A photo series of Colin steppin'. This is the best I've gotten so far.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Colin's First Baseball Game

We took Colin to his first baseball game on Saturday. It was the Fox game so it started at 4pm, This was the only 4pm home game all year so we have been planning on going to this game since early May (1pm starts are mid-nap and 7pm starts are bed time). This was also our first time in the new citiFIELD. The game was pretty rainy but we were luckily under another level and protected. We endured an hour rain delay but unfortunately the Mets lost. Here are some pictures of our trip...
Colin is very impressed with the new stadium.

Me and my baby

Sean and Colin. Colin says Mets are #1

I really need to get some photo editing software... I would like to crop these pictures differently but I'm not going to do it in MS Paint!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby's First Steps!

On Thursday, June 18th Colin took two consecutive steps by himself. On Friday he took three steps (teeny tiny steps, but steps none the less). Saturday morning he took 4 or 5, I lost count in my excitement! Sean was able to see it for the first time, and Colin even had enough strength left to take a few steps for my parents on the web cam. So far he only walks when he is focused on something else. We have tried to get him to walk between us and he gets giggling and his legs turn to jello. He basically just takes a step and then dives for Sean's outstretched arms. He then turns around and crawls back to me to do it again. I wouldn't call him 'walking' yet but he has taken his first steps. I'll try to catch it on camera soon.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

Yesterday it rained all day long so Colin and I were trapped in the house. Colin was starting to get cranky with this situation until I remembered I had a bag full of craft pom-pom's. Boy was that a fun activity for the little guy. Please note-there are various sizes and some are clearly a choking hazard so he was monitored closely while playing. As you can see he was totally engrossed in the activity and could not be bothered to look at the camera for a photo.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

Four Fantastic Years Married.
Thanks for putting up with me. =)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Colin is 11 Months Old!

It's that time of the month again (No not THAT time!) Colin is officially 11 months old. He seems to be getting taller but I won't have an official measurement until next month. I realized yesterday that I can hold his hands while he walks without bending over. I took today's pictures in the 'garden entrance' area of our building.

What's new this month?

Sleeping: Things are going well. He is typically getting up around 11pm/1am/5am which I can deal with. He does seem to be better at re-settling himself because we often hear him wake up at other times but doesn't need us to go back to sleep. We are also steadily working toward getting him to put himself to sleep without needing us at all. He gets put in the crib semi-awake these days and it doing well with that.

Weaning: Colin is now down to 4 nursing sessions a day. I've eliminated the session after his first nap and will eliminate the second naps session this weekend. He still isn't good about drinking milk so I've been giving him a snack of yogurt (2oz) plus some fruit and o's and that seems to do the trick. I've had to move up his overnight feeding from 3am to 1am but I'm confident once he is used to the new routine I will be able to eliminate that one too. When I loose the second naps feeding I think I'll just move up dinner an hour and then give a yogurt snack at 6pm. I offer milk at every meal and snack but he only drinks about 2oz all day. We are giving regular whole milk now instead of trying to get him used to formula just to switch again.

  • His new walk-behind walker and the blocks that are in it.
  • Balls, although he doesn't have many, sometimes the dryer balls become toys! He loves watching them roll and trying to throw them.
  • Doors and baby gates. He likes opening and closing them repeatedly. He is so interested in the gate at the kitchen door that I don't really have to worry about him coming into the kitchen. If the gate is open he will play with it until he closes it himself.
  • Gagging himself. Obviously I'm not a fan of this behavior!
  • New Favorite Foods: whole blueberries, watermelon (no lasting trauma from the falling fruit incident) , mac and cheese, and yogurt.

  • Face washing (still!) You would think after all this time and after doing it 4 times a day he would get used to it. Nope!
  • Chicken. He really doesn't like it and I think its a texture thing. We havn't tried beef yet because we don't eat much beef... same with fish. I worry a little about protien but I try to make sure he gets it from other places. Mac and Cheese has a surprising amount of protein, especially if you make it with yogurt! He isn't an egg yolk fan and he can't have whole eggs or peanut butter yet. Beans are hit and miss.
  • Not being allowed to stand up in the bath. We are now compromsing and letting him kneel since he is now stable on his knees.
  • The vacuum and hair dryer. He was over this for a while but now he is fearful of them again.
New things:
  • Walking very well assisted and now often one handed. He has taken a few steps unassisted (and by that I mean 1 step a few times not a few steps in a row) but I'm not ready to call that walking. I think this month he'll do it but it could be more like 6 weeks.
  • Signs/Words: "All done" is now only signed.. he never moved passed mimicing it verbally. He also signs more, but only when you ask him if he wants more. He just started signing 'dirty' this week and has mimiced it verbally twice. Seems like an odd sign to use I know. It is from an opposites book, I will sign the words I know as I read it and this one must have looked fun to him. I'm not entirely sure he knows what it means but if I say 'dirty' he will sign it. Here is a picture of him signing it.

  • He is much better at manipulating his world now, he has re-discovered some of his toys with buttons and sound because he can push the buttons intentionally now and get it to make sounds. Obviously the cordless phone is also fun for him.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Photos

I havn't posted pics in awhile (because I haven't taken any!) so I thought I would put some up. We are realizing how 'neighborhoody' our neighborhood actually is, and went to a Farmers Market in the morning and later went to see some outdoor music. Here are pictures of Colin 'walking' around with a little help from his dear-ole-dad.


No, Gap didn't pay for this advertisement...come to think of it neither did I.
This outfit is a hand-me-down.

A couple pitures from this morning before his nap
Nap? No thank you Mama. (It only lasted 40 mins)
Colin must have been really worn out from all that walking because he slept from 7:45ish until 2:00am!! After a quick snack he was a little challenging to put back to sleep but did sleep again until 5:00 (and then on and off until 6:45.) I don't expect him to repeat this performance anytime soon so I'm not worried about jinxing anything by reporting a one night success story.
Check back on the 17th for an 11-month update. (Can you believe it 11 months?!?)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lesson Learned...

We had another exceptional moment in parenting today. Once again I was faced with a situation that I didn't realize was dangerous. Colin and I went to the grocery store that is closest to our apartment which I call "Bazaar Foods" (for good reason). I don't usually shop her but I just needed some bananas and yogurt so we stopped in. I'm pushing Colin in the stroller, I get the bananas and I notice they have pre-cut watermelon on sale so I pick some out but the container is leaking so I turn around to get a bag behind us. At this moment a man is picking out a baby watermelon and chooses one low on the stack causing a fruit avalanche onto the unsuspecting baby down below. Colin takes three direct hits to the lap!! I (uncharacteristically) scream at him "What do you think you are doing?? You're dropping watermelons on my baby!?!?" and immediately pull Colin out of the stroller to assess the damage. Clearly he is more startled than hurt since he settles quickly. That is until the strange faces of all of the produce department employees pop into his face to ask him if he is okay. The man who caused the problem is apologizing profusely (in Spanish) and I'm holding it together my a thread of composure. I think I was more scared than Colin was.
We were lucky:
  1. They were baby watermelons not full size ones
  2. They fell onto his lap not his head
  3. He is a pretty sturdy kid now at nearly 11 months old.
  4. He is a brute, physical injury doesn't usually cause him much distress.

Do other people think twice about where they park their strollers in the produce department? I never really considered the potential dangers of the produce department! Did you?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby Proofed!

Okay we have finally *finished* baby-proofing. Remember the original post?My big solution to all my problems in the living room was just to move everything out. Our bedroom is now overly crowded and a bit dorm room-ish with the desk, desk chair, filing cabinet, arm chair and laundry center now sharing space with our actual bedroom furniture. Here are the after photos of the LR.

Now it is all *baby* space

Cabinet locks on all the book shelf doors.

The locks we originally got for the doors work better for the drawers. However they kind of suck because they don't stay on. However they don't allow fingers to get pinched.

The baby gate on the kitchen. We have another matching one on Colin's room.

Our new litter box. The Booda Dome had to be retired. =( I finally realized the solution to the litter box issue was getting a smaller litter box. Now it is in the kitchen...it is actually working out better than I thought. The cats adjusted seamlessly.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Toy!

Colin has been ready for a 'walker' (the kind you walk behind not sit in)for a little while so when I saw this one online I couldn't resist. This walker also has a bead maze and two compartments for blocks (with three different kinds of blocks inside) and it can be a stroller for a toy if he wants. It is not an eco-friendly toy unfortunately so the plastic blocks are probably made with PVC, but we'll just try to keep them out of his mouth. I absolutely love finding multi-functional toys like this.
Check out how much he LOVES his new toy. There are other similar videos if you click through to the vimeo site. The extra voices you may hear are Chris and Oana.

New Toy 2 from Rebecca Berry on Vimeo.

Updated to add: This is the link to the toy! Around the Block Walker