Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby's First Steps!

On Thursday, June 18th Colin took two consecutive steps by himself. On Friday he took three steps (teeny tiny steps, but steps none the less). Saturday morning he took 4 or 5, I lost count in my excitement! Sean was able to see it for the first time, and Colin even had enough strength left to take a few steps for my parents on the web cam. So far he only walks when he is focused on something else. We have tried to get him to walk between us and he gets giggling and his legs turn to jello. He basically just takes a step and then dives for Sean's outstretched arms. He then turns around and crawls back to me to do it again. I wouldn't call him 'walking' yet but he has taken his first steps. I'll try to catch it on camera soon.


Erin said...

Yeah for Colin! I can't wait to see this when you can catch it on video!

AbbeM said...

That's great Becky! Now you're ready for a whole new adventure!

Natalie did the same thing - when we'd try to get her to walk between us, she'd just get too excited, and dive at whichever one of us she was aimed at.