Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Colin is 11 Months Old!

It's that time of the month again (No not THAT time!) Colin is officially 11 months old. He seems to be getting taller but I won't have an official measurement until next month. I realized yesterday that I can hold his hands while he walks without bending over. I took today's pictures in the 'garden entrance' area of our building.

What's new this month?

Sleeping: Things are going well. He is typically getting up around 11pm/1am/5am which I can deal with. He does seem to be better at re-settling himself because we often hear him wake up at other times but doesn't need us to go back to sleep. We are also steadily working toward getting him to put himself to sleep without needing us at all. He gets put in the crib semi-awake these days and it doing well with that.

Weaning: Colin is now down to 4 nursing sessions a day. I've eliminated the session after his first nap and will eliminate the second naps session this weekend. He still isn't good about drinking milk so I've been giving him a snack of yogurt (2oz) plus some fruit and o's and that seems to do the trick. I've had to move up his overnight feeding from 3am to 1am but I'm confident once he is used to the new routine I will be able to eliminate that one too. When I loose the second naps feeding I think I'll just move up dinner an hour and then give a yogurt snack at 6pm. I offer milk at every meal and snack but he only drinks about 2oz all day. We are giving regular whole milk now instead of trying to get him used to formula just to switch again.

  • His new walk-behind walker and the blocks that are in it.
  • Balls, although he doesn't have many, sometimes the dryer balls become toys! He loves watching them roll and trying to throw them.
  • Doors and baby gates. He likes opening and closing them repeatedly. He is so interested in the gate at the kitchen door that I don't really have to worry about him coming into the kitchen. If the gate is open he will play with it until he closes it himself.
  • Gagging himself. Obviously I'm not a fan of this behavior!
  • New Favorite Foods: whole blueberries, watermelon (no lasting trauma from the falling fruit incident) , mac and cheese, and yogurt.

  • Face washing (still!) You would think after all this time and after doing it 4 times a day he would get used to it. Nope!
  • Chicken. He really doesn't like it and I think its a texture thing. We havn't tried beef yet because we don't eat much beef... same with fish. I worry a little about protien but I try to make sure he gets it from other places. Mac and Cheese has a surprising amount of protein, especially if you make it with yogurt! He isn't an egg yolk fan and he can't have whole eggs or peanut butter yet. Beans are hit and miss.
  • Not being allowed to stand up in the bath. We are now compromsing and letting him kneel since he is now stable on his knees.
  • The vacuum and hair dryer. He was over this for a while but now he is fearful of them again.
New things:
  • Walking very well assisted and now often one handed. He has taken a few steps unassisted (and by that I mean 1 step a few times not a few steps in a row) but I'm not ready to call that walking. I think this month he'll do it but it could be more like 6 weeks.
  • Signs/Words: "All done" is now only signed.. he never moved passed mimicing it verbally. He also signs more, but only when you ask him if he wants more. He just started signing 'dirty' this week and has mimiced it verbally twice. Seems like an odd sign to use I know. It is from an opposites book, I will sign the words I know as I read it and this one must have looked fun to him. I'm not entirely sure he knows what it means but if I say 'dirty' he will sign it. Here is a picture of him signing it.

  • He is much better at manipulating his world now, he has re-discovered some of his toys with buttons and sound because he can push the buttons intentionally now and get it to make sounds. Obviously the cordless phone is also fun for him.


Kristeen said...

I love the little teeth. Aww... I can't wait to see him. (and you.)

Erin said...

He's so cute. I can't believe he's 11 months old already. Where has the time gone?? The whole blueberries are okay for him -- he doesn't have the gagging issue with the whole blueberries that he has with peas?

Anonymous said...

I think they are almost wearing the same size! Not a big deal. Colin is just the right size for what I sent Kristy, it's more trouble to send it to me and Brody might wear it, so just box it up when you are done and save it for the next east coast Jones baby! It's just fun to see some of the clothes, Bree and I have picked out quite a few things lately from the pictures, Colin wears it well!

Anonymous said...

Aww honey..he is just the best little guy! He looks so proud of himself...see you soon! xo grandma j

Julie said...

yowsa! those teeth look dangerous for breast feeding. does he bite you? i am in pain just thinking about it.

Kristy said...

Lukas can't wait to see Colin for his birthday party!!!