Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lesson Learned...

We had another exceptional moment in parenting today. Once again I was faced with a situation that I didn't realize was dangerous. Colin and I went to the grocery store that is closest to our apartment which I call "Bazaar Foods" (for good reason). I don't usually shop her but I just needed some bananas and yogurt so we stopped in. I'm pushing Colin in the stroller, I get the bananas and I notice they have pre-cut watermelon on sale so I pick some out but the container is leaking so I turn around to get a bag behind us. At this moment a man is picking out a baby watermelon and chooses one low on the stack causing a fruit avalanche onto the unsuspecting baby down below. Colin takes three direct hits to the lap!! I (uncharacteristically) scream at him "What do you think you are doing?? You're dropping watermelons on my baby!?!?" and immediately pull Colin out of the stroller to assess the damage. Clearly he is more startled than hurt since he settles quickly. That is until the strange faces of all of the produce department employees pop into his face to ask him if he is okay. The man who caused the problem is apologizing profusely (in Spanish) and I'm holding it together my a thread of composure. I think I was more scared than Colin was.
We were lucky:
  1. They were baby watermelons not full size ones
  2. They fell onto his lap not his head
  3. He is a pretty sturdy kid now at nearly 11 months old.
  4. He is a brute, physical injury doesn't usually cause him much distress.

Do other people think twice about where they park their strollers in the produce department? I never really considered the potential dangers of the produce department! Did you?


Anonymous said...

I love your response and glad to hear and know you responded. As I know your Mother would say these are the Jones girls. I can't say it is the normal to think about where we place a stroller but really say the gentleman was clearly not thinking or paying attention to what was around him. Thanyou, thanyou that all is OK. Love GG

Anonymous said...

That is one for the record books Bec...I'm sure "you" scared the living daylights out of that man. And I bet he looks twice before picking out a watermelon baby or otherwise again. Thank goodness it was his lap...and he wasn't younger. Deep breath..blow it out! Oh...bartender....:)xo Mom

Julie said...

I had no idea about falling fruit. It makes sense, but I think it is one of those things you don't even think about until it happens to you! Also, grocery stores are much more roomy around these parts, so my baby will most likely be sitting high in the shopping cart.

btw, I tried pressing my finger into my foot and the mark totally is very freaky. It doesn't stay for long, but the dent is definitely weird! I might need to get some support socks:)

Erin said...

Hm, I've never really thought about where I park the stroller, but like Julie said, the aisles are so much wider here, it isn't really an issue. I'm glad that Colin was okay, what a bizarre afternoon for you. And good job on keeping it together!

Kristy said...

Is that kinda like "Keep your eye on the fruit?"

You should have slapped the senor across the face!