Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photos Gallore.

Sean and I took Colin up to visit my family. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Here is Colin's future wife, Lilly Keville
Colin playing with a ball.

Look at that smile!

Someday we are going to look at this picture and say "Look how young we were!"

The Proud Papa (as in Father)

Colin making a funny face

Colin and the ball again.

Gardening with Grandma

Happy 2nd Birthday Lukas!

The Jones girls and their boys
, nearly one year later.

A nice way to end the day.


Julie said...

cute pics. it was so nice to see you and Colin last weekend. he is so cute, the pics don't do him justice!

tell Lukas that he needs to share some of those toys in the tub!

Erin said...

Lukas is a toy-hog! And you're right, you guys will look back on that picture and laugh about how young you were -- and Colin and subsequent children will laugh at your hairstyles and clothing choices ...

mommymac4 said...

What!? You were in town and I didn't know it!? I'm insulted and will hold it against you! I will only read your blog once a week now :P

Becky said...

Sorry Jen! I'll be back in a few weeks and we can get together then for sure! I'll be in town a little bit longer on that trip.

Becky said...

Lukas is not actually as much of a toy hog as it seems in the picture. I was very impressed with his sharing ability at such a young age.