Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Photos

I havn't posted pics in awhile (because I haven't taken any!) so I thought I would put some up. We are realizing how 'neighborhoody' our neighborhood actually is, and went to a Farmers Market in the morning and later went to see some outdoor music. Here are pictures of Colin 'walking' around with a little help from his dear-ole-dad.


No, Gap didn't pay for this advertisement...come to think of it neither did I.
This outfit is a hand-me-down.

A couple pitures from this morning before his nap
Nap? No thank you Mama. (It only lasted 40 mins)
Colin must have been really worn out from all that walking because he slept from 7:45ish until 2:00am!! After a quick snack he was a little challenging to put back to sleep but did sleep again until 5:00 (and then on and off until 6:45.) I don't expect him to repeat this performance anytime soon so I'm not worried about jinxing anything by reporting a one night success story.
Check back on the 17th for an 11-month update. (Can you believe it 11 months?!?)


Elaine said...

My comment is unrelated to the picture but there isn't a random thought part. I was wondering now that almost 11 months has gone by, how has school, home life, and being a mom come into balance?

I am glad to hear that his sleep, even if it was for one night, allowed you some rest. It is great to hear that there are a lot of family type events in your area, it is funny how you don't pick up on things until you become involved in certain circles.

Kristeen said...

My comment is related to the pictures, but in this case not to Colin. I really like Sean's shirt! Argyle is the best.

Julie said...

Well, there's your sleep answer...just walk Colin around the block a couple times and he will sleep through the night:) I also like Sean's shirt. Very stylish. Did he pick that out? Matt hates shopping.

Julie said...

1 more that Colin is a bit older, do you see any of Sean's features in him? or is he still "all you"?

Anonymous said...

Becky he is getting so big, walking is right around the corner. I loved this age when Braden started signing to us! Braden's first sign was fish (he has fish hanging from the ceiling in his room) We learned so many signs from Braden, makes it easy to start with Brody.
Brendon was our gagger although his was because he had an immature gag reflects.

I paid for it! It's one of Braden's old ones. He had it in pants, too. When Bree and I see some of the pictures even she comments "Hey wasn't that Braden's"

Becky said...

Re: Sean's Shirt! I actually just picked it up for him from Old Navy. They were having a 50% off mens sale so I just picked out some things for it. It is easier to shop for him if he isn't there! Like Matt, and probably most men, he hates shopping so I save us both the hassel and just pick stuff up and return whatever he doesn't like. We've evolved his style together. =)