Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby Swim Classes

Colin and I had our first baby swim class on Thursday. I had said I would consider it a success if he got into the pool and didn't scream the whole time. So it was a success! It was a bit rainy that day so it was a little chilly and the water in the pool, while not cold, certainly wasn't warm. I've never been good at swimming in chilly water so there were times in the pool where I wasn't sure which one of us was shaking. None of the other babies seemed to notice or mind... (I guess that makes me realize how much of a 'baby' I really am!) Colin really just wanted to hold onto me, we were supposed to encourage the babies to turn around to do things but Colin really wasn't having it. We'll work on that more next week.

The mo-hawk is back!

Babies are supposed to be holding the wall.. that wasn't happening.
Lots of Mama's and babies!Cheesin'


Anonymous said...

Next Thursday...just watch he will be watching the other children more and by the following Thursday he might just grab that wall! This is so good for him. One word for his Mama...wear your wet-suit. Remember even "your" swim instructors
said "you" should wear one waayyy back when. :) xo Mom

Erin said...

TwwwweeeeetTwwwwoooooohhh! (that's supposed to be a cat-call) Colin's got one hot mama!

AbbeM said...

So cute! I'm glad he didn't seem too freaked out by it! Natalie had her first class last week, and did REALLY well until the last 2 minutes, when she decided to start screaming, but only because we changed activities and she wanted to continue with the one we were doing! Ah, the joys of having a willful child. :) Have fun with it!

Becky said...

Erin you crack me up! I think I need to rethink the practicality of a nearly strapless bathing suit and a clingy baby.