Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Changes Ahead

1) Colin has begun to refuse baby food purees. He still happily eats yogurt off a spoon so I don't think it is the idea of being feed that bothers him, seems to be he is bored with that texture. So now I have to get way more creative with what I feed him. Everyone says just feed him what you would eat. Anyone who knows what I eat would never offer this advice. I've gotten a lot better recently but lunch is still a pretty consistent rotation of mac and cheese, grilled cheese and cold cuts. So aside from cold cuts that is what Colin eats too. We tried pasta with red sauce last night and he seemed to enjoy that and this morning he finally ate a toaster waffle (banana waffles of all things!) so that adds a few more possibilities. I'm thinking about making him humus for lunch we'll see how that goes. Any other suggestions for kid friendly healthy meals are appreciated!

2) My wonderful napping routine is in flux. Serious bummer. The tricky part is that Colin does not seem to have any desire to move his morning nap (probably because he isn't sleeping through the night yet) and this nap has been growing lately, from his typical 70 mins to nearly 3hours one day. This obviously shifts nap #2 later (usually 330-5) which shifts bedtime to 9. I'm going to try to push is morning nap as far out as I can but for the next few weeks things are going to get messy. My biggest concern is for the days he only takes a 40 min nap I will no longer have a second nap to make up the difference and will just have a cranky kid all day.

3) I would now consider Colin officially walking (as of last Sunday). He now walks a lot but is still fairly unstable. I wouldn't put him down outside the house and just let him go, but we are close to that. Soon he will be walking around on his own instead of having to be carried, which couldn't come at a better time because he is getting heavy.


Julie said...

i hear that walking quickly turns in to running. particularly running away from parents......i feel so bad for parents who have to chase a runaway child .....something that i am NOT looking forward to!

good luck with the sleeping.....i hope his napping schedule becomes more convenient for you.

p.s. i am so jealous that you can be so thin and still eat mac and cheese most days! my metabolism has caught up with me. not like in HS.

Erin said...

Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? They have hot dogs that I feed to the boys (I can't believe I feed my kids hot dogs!) -- but they are nitrate-free, organic turkey -- and they actually taste good, so ... They are good for a quick meal. You can start feeding him egg whites soon -- Sam and Ben love scrambled eggs.

Are you doing soy? If so, garden burgers are great, and the boys both loved soy hot dogs.

As a variation on mac and cheese, I cook ditalini pasta, drain it, and then when it is still hot, mix in cottage cheese. Sounds weird, I know, but the cottage cheese melts, so it's a healthier version of mac and cheese, and it's full of protein. My great-grandma used to make it, and I revived the recipe several months ago. It's a big hit with the boys.

Chickpeas (cut in half, of course) -- boys love them.

Did you ever get that book by Jessica Seinfeld? If not, I will mail you my copy to give you more ideas of healthy meals for kiddies.

As for napping, he might be ready to transition to one nap a day -- that's what started happening with S&B. I work really hard in the mornings to keep them awake, and then put them down for a nap somewhere between 11 and 12. They will usually sleep for at least an hour and a half, sometimes as much as three hours. That also means that they are very ready for bedtime at 7pm!

Anonymous said...

Bec, what about cooked peas and carrots? Pushing the more finger food veggies. Just a thought xo Mom