Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Festivities Part 1!

We spent this past weekend on the island doing the first birthday thing. On Saturday, we attended The Tinsley Family Summer Jam, at which Colin's birthday was honored. I made him a little cake and let him go to town, but he really wasn't interested. Here are some pictures from Saturday.

Here is Colin with his Grandma Mo and his new friend Jerrah.

Colin spotted this little boy across the lawn and marched right up to him and gave him a hug. Unfortunately I didn't catch that on camera since he caught us all by surprise, but they continued to act cute for a while so I snapped some pics. Jerrah (not sure if that is how he spells it) was very patient with Colin as he kept touching his face, nose and hair. I'm not sure if this is a normal behavior for children but Colin is always very interested in touching other children, especially their faces. It is almost like he is checking to see if they are real. He does it with Lukas all the time.

Here are a few pictures of Colin 'enjoying' his cake. (He wasn't impressed)

They are supposed to be fireworks not spiders.
It is a carrot cake with butter cream frosting (not cream cheese frosting because I made butter cream for the other cake and wasn't making yet another type of frosting) Janice said it was the best carrot cake she has ever had. I give my mother credit for finding the recipe and introducing me to it. The cake was actually made in a mini bundt pan I just filled in the whole in the center (which wasn't very large to begin with)

Then on Sunday we had a BBQ at Sean's Fathers house with the family and a few close family friends. Here are some pictures from Sunday.
The tent was a gift from Mrs. Tinsley. If you don't know Mrs T. she LOVES giraffes (even more than I do) and purchased this tent for her own future grand children. Unfortunately neither Jay nor Ben have delivered on that and since she will be moving soon decided to give it to a pseudo-grandchild rather than take it with her. Sean and I feel very honored by the affection showered on Colin by the entire Tinsley family (even if Colin is a little intimidated by it.) He enjoyed the tent all day Sunday and I can promise this will end up in my living room sometime this winter when we can't go outside. I think it would also be great for the beach! No chance of loosing your family with this thing set up!

Colin opening and enjoying his gifts.

More tent enjoyment.

Another mini-cake for Colin, this one without the spiders! Notice it is on a glad ware top, that was my ingenious idea for mini-cake holders! So they wouldn't get crushed on the way out. If you are confused..the 'bottom' of the container was used as a dome lid.

This was the cake I made for everyone else! Go ahead, be impressed!! Maybe in another blog I'll tell you how I did it.

More cake eating.

No first birthday party would be complete without a meltdown. After two full days of partying the boy had had enough!!


Jayson said...

he'll warm up to me one of these days

Anonymous said...

awwwww...these pictures are wonderful!Our little boy is one and walking like a champ! See you soon buddy! xo Grandma jo

Julie said...

looks like he had a great will be interesting to see how that tent fits in your living room! I am definitely impressed by your cakes! especially the monkey....did you dye the frosting? you are so crafty!

Erin said...

I knew that those were fireworks and not spiders!

Anonymous said...

The tent is super cute. I can only imagine family trips to the beach and kids saying "mom there is a giraffe on the beach" and the parents saying "uh huh...wait there is a giraffe on the beach!!!"


Nicole said...

I love the pictures!

Was the monkey cake one of those cake pans with different pieces that you put together?

Elaine said...

The title says "part 1" is there a "part 2" to the festivities.

Anonymous said...

Becky! Your monkey cake came out beautiful!! I also knew those were fireworks and not spiders!! nancy