Friday, July 31, 2009

Birthday Festivities Part 2!

On Sunday we had another small gathering for Colin's First Birthday. This time with my side of the family and family friends.

Colin and Evelyn playing with the water feature! My dad set up some gutters and filled them with water. The kids really got a kick out of it. Eventually they will be raised off the ground and the boys can have boat races but for now we left it grounded. Colin getting ready for Cake number 4! (no smash cakes this time, they were superfluous)

The muse for the cake, from Colin's bedroom set.

The cake!! This frosting is really mailable and movable when you freeze it, so it is pretty easy to shape.

Lets blow out the candle!

Opening gifts. He got the first aid kit from his Grandma Jo... my mother is the queen of practical! (That is not the only thing he got from them...)

Aunt Sisty spiked the mo-hawk! Colin finally learned "So-Big!" (sometime last mont


Julie said...

I forgot to tell you how impressed I was with your cake decor skills! (it was also very yummy)

I am glad that I got to see Colin again! (oh, and you guys too!) Is that what happens? Parents turn into chopped liver as soon as there is a baby around?

Anyway, I had a great time at the party. I especially enjoyed when Colin was "crumping".

Julie said...

whoa! I stand corrected! Matt just informed me that krumping is spelled with a "K". (not like Ben Crump....remember him?) lol

Anonymous said...

Bec please tell Julie..those flowers she asked about are Lantana..verbena family. They come in pinks, purples, oranges and a mix. mom

Elaine said...

is the raised giraffe just icing or actually cake? Elaine

Julie said...

Mrs. Jones-I don't remember asking about flowers. I remember asking about guacamole and toilet paper....but not the flowers. maybe I am just losing my mind.

Becky said...

It was Amy that asked about the flowers not Julie. And the giraffe is just frosting not cake.

Anonymous said...

oops..well honey you KNOW your Mother is known to have lost her mind a time or two...I knew someone asked me and I remembered to find out...just the wrong person. So please pass it along...xo