Monday, July 20, 2009

Colin is 1 YEAR OLD!

I'm a wee bit late with this post due to birthday festivities but better late than never.

Height: 32" 95%ile
Weight: 23lbs 12 oz 61%ile
Head Circ: 47cm 64%ile
I was very surprised when the scale only read 23lbs! I was so sure he would be over 25, but I suppose I did notice all of his pants getting a little loose around the middle so I suppose he traded some weight for height in the last few months. His doctor was surprised by how tall he was this month.

Sleeping: He is improving. Sean is making some really good progress getting him to put himself to sleep in the crib at night. On a good night he wakes up twice around 1am and 4am. We are encouraged by his progress and are continuing to work with him. He dropped his 2nd nap this month quite spontaneously. I expected to have to slowing introduce this change but he just up and delayed his first nap one day and that was it. He is still sleeping the same number of hours during the day he just does them in one shot instead of two. This has made bedtime a lot easier on everyone.

Not very impressed with his first gift.

Weaning: Colin day weaned himself on Father's Day. That was the day I stopped his feeding after nap #2 and he had no interest in the bedtime feeding so we skipped that too. He is currently down to one overnight nursing session which is more for comfort than for food. This will soon disappear as well once we get through some traveling we are doing this summer.

"What?! You got me shoes for my birthday?"

  • Going out. I have occasionally made the mistake of taking the garbage out (the garbage shoot is in the hallway outside our door) in view of Colin and he really gets excited thinking we are going out. If I close that door again he gets pretty upset.
  • Buttons (the kind you push). He just loves to push buttons and make things happen. He is now very interested in the computers and dvd players. These are 'off limits' but we are still working on understanding that concept. I thought we had a hard time locating the TV remote before! Now it is impossible to find it because Colin has invariably walked off with it.
  • Boxes. He loves pushing them around and putting things in and then taking them out again. We went shoe shopping for Sean a few weeks ago, the boy was in heaven with all the boxes!
  • The blocks in his walker. Again he takes them out and puts them back in repeatedly.
  • Pens. I don't think he understands their purpose just that we use them and he wants them. I see these as a bit dangerous and try to keep them away from him, not always easy.

Modeling his new shoes. He obviously prefers the box.


  • Having blood drawn! I thought the shots were bad, Colin had blood drawn for his lead test at his doctors appointment and WOA he was not a fan. I think it took longer than it should have but that was partially my fault. I gave him a lollipop (organic of course!) to help ease him though the vaccines, not knowing blood work would happen at the same visit (everyone I know had to go to another office for this procedure.) He got pretty sticky and he to be cleaned off, but we didn't think of it until I was already holding him down on the table and he had been alcohol swapped. So the restraining part went on for a while and he was getting upset before we even got to the needle. Luckily she only had to poke him once, but it took a while for the vial to fill... longer than I would have expected.
  • Face washing. UGH! This is really getting annoying! He gets his face washed at least three times a day every day and he still freaks out about it. I have tried everything to make it less traumatic but the only thing that makes it easier is to surprise him from behind and quick clean it before he knows what hit him.
  • Balloons =(. I picked up some mylar balloons for Colin on his birthday and he wasn't a fan. He seemed to enjoy them in the store but in the house he was afraid of them. We are working on it.

New things:

  • Walking! He is now very good at walking around and when he falls down he just gets back up again instead of reverting to crawling. Both Sean and I walked at 11 months so we weren't too surprised that Colin started walking at 11 months too.
  • Temper temper! Colin is starting to show signs of a bit of a temper. I took a pen away from him and he got mad and threw himself on the ground. My response was just to walk away, don't want to reinforce that behavior with attention.
  • Words: 'All done' is back, hot, cat ('ta'), grandma, hi, bye bye. He is really mimicking a lot this month so I'm sure new word are on the way.
  • Signs: dog, clean, and maybe sleep
  • Teeth: He now has all eight in the front and one of his molars (his lower right). We think another one is on the way but I'm not sure which. Cutting molars is NO FUN for anyone.

Enjoying some birthday ice cream.


Kristy said...

He is going to be all mine!

Anonymous said...

braden just pulled this tent out of the closet today it is set up in our livingroom, we love it, but can't leave it set up all the time because it is huge!
8 teeth WOW at best my kids had 4 by a year, brendon has 3 I think
braden had to have blood drawn twice, he did better then bree now she is horrible with needles! But we tested for allergies too and that's how we found out about peanut allergies!
if he is just now showing a temper that's not bad!
Love the monkey cake Becky!

Daisy and Ryan said...

molars are no fun is RIGHT. we're working on that, too. we're also dealing with the temper stuff - started at the beginning of month 10 for us, though.

and way to go with the nap transition. it's great that he did that so easily!!