Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Mother!

My mother has resorted to harassing my friends in stores to strong arm more pictures out of me!! Mom! I'm busy! Here are some recent photos you haven't seen.

A couple pictures from July 4th. Sean humored me for all of 4.5 mins so I could take a picture of us in our matching (corporate takeover America) 4th of July shirts.

Enjoying the Park - no fireworks for us this year, it is just way too crowded for me.
Colin requesting to be let out. My next house will be HUGE!
As you can see we are back in g's again. It was just an in between size thing that was giving us trouble. (Personally I would rather bridge the gap with disposables for a few weeks than have them make another size) Now that he is a solid large we haven't had any trouble. Oh and if you want to try g's on the cheap check out my friend Daisy's blog for an amazing discount (I think its like 50% off). You only have until July 31st.


Julie said...

as you can see, your mom's little plan has worked. more pics, less babble:)

i love your hair, you are a beautiful mom!

Erin said...

I can't believe Sean agreed to those shirts! :)

Anonymous said...

OK..Julie...throw "me" under the bus and run me over!! It's OK..I can take it! :) Mrs. J

Elaine said...

Is the comment about your next house being huge mean you are looking for a bigger house now or when you get a new house it will be huge? It is funny that when we moved into our house it seemed so big b/c were used to a shoebox in my mom's basement, but even w/o kids after being here for almost a year I am like "wow, how would you fit more people in here." -Elaine

Kristy said...

Why is "me" is quotes?

Please stop with the family matching stuff... coordinating is one thing... completely matching is a little too similar to "someone" else. If "you" know what "I" mean.

Becky said...

Sheesh who pooped in your cornflakes this morning?
You should know by now that our mothers generation uses quotes for emphasis, while our generation uses them for sarcasm.
I will match if I want to.

Anonymous said...

You go Becky!!! You guys are too funny! I love reading the "inner chatter" with your family. :)