Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Colin is 13 months old

I'm not sure how long I will continue to post these monthly updates, or when they might start to become bi-monthly. Personally, these are the posts I look back on the most frequently, and I know I searched through Kristy's blog to see how Colin compared to Lukas in size so I'm sure I will look back on Colin's when I have another child to compare to (and before you ask this is not a hint. Baby #2 isn't scheduled to make an appearance until late 2010/ early 2011)... so I'm just going to keep posting them until I have a reason not to. (n.b. I highly recommend keeping some kind of log like this even if it isn't for public view, it makes you appreciate that a month has passed and how far your child has come.) So lets get to it.

No size info this month.

Sleeping: Can you see me dancing I'm dancing!!! Colin slept from 7pm to 5am last night for the first time EVER!! We spent a long weekend in the Poconos (more on that later) so the extra activity, coupled with super dark and super quiet living conditions made for some AWESOME sleeping (despite the pack and play). He got better and better every night, and by last night I was used to it enough not to wake up freaking out at 1, 2, 3 and 4am wondering what was going on.

Weaning: Done and done. On Thursday August 6th, Colin slept through his 5 am feeding. That was all it took. He never looked back (okay maybe he had a little buyers remorse on night three but it only lasted about 20 seconds).

  • Swimming!! Now he can't get enough.
  • Signing "more". He started off using this appropriately, now it can mean anything from, again, to 'give me that'. This seems to the be trend with his communication. He starts off with limited appropriate use of a sign and that use grows and expands, testing the limits until he starts to understand when it is appropriate to use the word.
  • Cell phones. We gave him our old ones to play with which was probably a bad idea because he doesn't always understand which phones are his and which are ours.
  • Playing "this little piggy". Now that he can sign 'more' this can go on for a while!
  • Waving and saying hi to strangers.
Showing off his profile (mine) and ears (daddy's)
  • When strangers wave and say hi back! It is actually really funny, Colin will get really friendly and start waving and chatting with people but the second they start to talk back he starts to cry. I really don't know what he is expecting.
  • Being scolded for throwing food on the floor. It starts out as a staring contest and ends in tears (his not ours)... How do other people deal with this? We were trying to 'disagree with the behavior' by saying "No! No throwing food!" in a mild voice at first, but the tone escalates as he continues to do it, but he gets so upset that it isn't worth it anymore because we want him to actually eat. Now I try to pay attention enough so that I remove the food from his had before he drops it.
  • Getting his hair cut. Poor guy, he just doesn't like strangers getting so close.
  • Notice face washing is no longer on the list!!! I started counting to three and then only wiping once her count. No more freak out.
New things:
Signing "more"

...as often as it will get him what he wants

  • Communication Communication Communication. He has just exploded with signs this month and he is making attempts to say the word he is signing although without the sign it wouldn't be clear these were words. I'm going to try to list his signs, without regard for which are new (putting his words/vocalization in parenthesis): baby (may-me), more (mo), hat (ha), cold (oh), thank you (n/a), dirty (sounds like an Indian call), cracker (eh), dog (nothing or high pitched bark), all done (all duh), eat(n/a), brush teeth(shh-shh), car (n/a), sleep (the sound you make when drum you lower lip. beebeebee etc.), wind (n/a), tree (n/a), go (n/a) his sign for go is consistent, but it is not very accurate he puts his first together and moves them up and down like he is getting ready to roll dice, the actual sign uses to fingers to point to where you want to go. It took us some time to figure out this was a sign. Some signs that he has done but isn't always willing to show: grapes, clean, please, frog, bath, leaf.
  • Words that aren't signed. Hot, Cat (at), Mama (or Meme when he is upset), Dada, Grandma (gama), Night-night (nigh-nigh), bye-bye (buh-by), hi, (he does wave too I guess that is a sign),
  • He has three animal sounds now for cows, sheep and dogs.
  • We are working on body parts (belly, head, fingers, toes etc) but he isn't really interested yet.
  • Teeth: no new ones.. still 9 despite all his apparent pain. I guess #9 caused more pain even after it erupted unlike the previous 8.
Is it just me or did his face 'grow up' a lot this month?


Nicole said...

Colin does look much older this month! He is getting so big!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Colin has such cute clothes- love the monkeys and bears. It has been great to watch him grow.

Daisy and Ryan said...

I've also been debating the "how long to continue with the monthly updates?" Ryan said, now that he's 1, I guess you won't be doing them (or the pictures) anymore. But I might keep it up until there doesn't seem to be a reason. So many changes happening that I want to record! We'll see...

We have similar issues with Aiden "dropping" his food. Aiden doesn't dislike the scolding, though! He will get ready to drop something and then look at each of us to see if we are watching. It's like he wants to see our reaction! He is sneaky - but totally gets a kick out of it! After he's done it a couple times, we say "all done!" and take his tray of food away. (His high chair has one tray that slides on - and then another that fits on top of that one - so we take the top one off to take the food away.) He usually doesn't get upset, indicating he is done anyway. But we do it to show him the consequence - sometimes he wants it back, often not. Hopefully it will kick in and he'll get it. He's finally learning (sometimes!) to put his drink in the cup holder when he's done with it for the moment - instead of pushing it over the side! (Like I said, sometimes!) We don't bother telling him no repeatedly or getting too frustrated with it; not worth it. After we say no a couple times, that's it - and it's gone.

That's all great with the sleeping!! Maybe one day we'll be singing similar praises... ;) One can only hope!

I love all the pictures! And you're right - he does look more grown up in that last one!!

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

I just read this over again as I like to see where nolan is compared to others..to get a sense of what is typical. Oh goodness, Nolan is lagging in speech and signs. He signs "more" for milk and that is his only sign. He used to say "go" but hasn't in months. He says mama and dada. Can I ask how you helped promote speech? He understands a lot but seems a man of few words.