Thursday, August 6, 2009

Favorite Things for the 9-12 month old.

I realized the other day that I haven't done a favorite things post lately so I thought I would write one up. Once again these products were all purchased by me, not given to me. Also, the use of these products is not limited to this time period it just happens to be when I purchased it or Colin started to show interest in it.

Summer Infant Folding Booster: We use this as Colin's snack chair so I have somewhere to put him other than his actual high chair. It also is very useful to travel with. It folds down small and is easy to pack and it has straps so you can attach it to a chair (much like our regular high chair.) The tray is on the smaller side but that makes it more portable so it isn't a big deal. Colin enjoys sitting in it so it is never a fight to strap him down.

Around the Block Walker: If you follow the blog you have seen this before. I wish we had a bigger home so Colin could really go and go with this but he does love it none-the-less. He has realized its utility as a step stool recently which is a bit of a problem, but we just keep it up against the wall when he isn't actively pushing it around and so he can't flip over the bar. I can't sing the praises of this enough! It has stoppers so it can't tip, it even is built so it if very difficult for him to pinch his fingers in the two lids. I can't speak for how it would roll on wood floors but on our carpeting it is wonderful. We give this two thumbs up!! The only downside is that it isn't made with eco-friendly materials, so I have no idea what the plastic blocks are made of, but I love the fact that it has three different types of blocks in it, plastic squeezy ones, cloth ones and wood ones.

Sassy Counting and Spell Bath Appliques: These we have had for a while. At first Colin was only interested in chewing on them (they are safe for that, no pvc or phthalates or bpa), but now he plays with them by sticking them to the walls, (or removing the ones that I have stuck on.) I usually try to spell three letter words and read them to him, and the other day I spelled WED and said "W -E D wed" and Colin said "WED" clear as day. Sean and I looked at each other like "did he just say that?" He has yet to say it again but still, it validates what I'm doing. Sean sometimes plays along by trying to use the words I spell out in a humorous sentence. Fun for the whole family!!

PVC Free bath mat: Even I felt like I was going overboard with the PVC issue when I started thinking about the bath mat! However, I had a really hard time finding a bath mat to work in our tub because it has a textured bottom and a lot of suction cups don't stick.The other bath mats we tried would float when the suction was lost which was very annoying. So I did some searching online for something that wasn't buoyant and then discovered this website with PVC free mats and figured I had to try it. I sent the company an email asking what the diameter of the suction cups were (the smaller the better) and if this floated. The answers came in less than 24hrs and (small cups and no floating!) so I bought one. They aren't as cheap as the others I tried but come on I had already burned through two that weren't working so I sucked it up and spent the extra money. I am very very pleased. (n.b. ours is white not blue but they didn't have a photo of the white one, and I don't own the headrest) Now I don't have to worry about the PVC issue anymore! Which, once I looked into it I realized it was a bigger deal than I thought, warm temperatures increase the bodies tendency to absorb things and increases the amount of chemicals leached out of the plastic, combine that with the fact that he bathes every day and exposure is higher than I realized. Zrecs is now doing a bathmat page too if you are interested. I just found while I was looking for the website that I bought this from.

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Anonymous said...

I really like this blog. Would you do one about a year in review, things that you felt were not as useful as maybe they are marketed to be or something like that? I don't know if that makes sense. Or things you should borrow from a friend rather than buy because a baby does not use them for a long period of time? -Elaine