Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hair Cut #2

Colin got his hair cut for the second time on Thursday. It was another major tear fest. This time the stylist used scissors instead of buzzing him so it took a much longer time, but I'm happier with the overall look (or at least what it should look like) and it is still baby soft, unlike last time. He sat, no stood on my lap for the cut and basically attempted to shake off the stylist when she got anywhere near his head. It was pretty stressful for everyone involved. Here are the before and after shots. I tried to get a close up of the hack job that seemed to happen at the base of his neck. Honestly, I can't blame her, I was there and NO ONE could have cut a straight line, his head was practically spinning all the way around.

Before: The Mohawk/Toupee look
After: A cleaner look (I may try to edit a little!)

Can you see it? He has three different horizontal lines on the back..
Not sure what happened here.
Updated to add:

For both hair cuts I've taken Colin to a childrens' salon, complete with videos and toys and stylists who should deal with children all the time. The first time we went to snipets in CT and this time we went to Frankie's Playce in Queens, complete with an airplane and a fire engine, balloons, toys, and Barney and Elmo on TV. The stylist was really trying hard to make him comfortable (which is the kiss of death for this kid, but what choice did she have?) Colin is just classic 'slow to warm up' in that new experiences and certain people make him very uncomfortable. In this case I forced it because I really wanted him to get a hair cut which just made it miserable for everyone involved. Next time maybe we will go in just to let him look around and talk to the stylist with no pressure and we can simply leave if he gets too upset. He just needs to warm up and he'll be fine.


Julie said...

i def see an improvement as compared to the baby tupee :)

i don't see the 3 lines on the back of his head, but it could just be because of the lighting.

baby haircuts sound challenging!

Anonymous said...

Just trim it yourself when he is sleeping, so he isn't forever scared of a haircut! You could probably do just as good :) Or find a place that is really kid friendly, they have a place here that the kids sit in fire trucks and watch a movie. Braden was in his twos before we went to a real place.

Julie said...

i was thinkng about the "cutting while sleeping" idea as well, but it reminded me of the "cut off your sister's ponytail in her sleep" scenario and it scared me :) but you've gotta do what you've gotta do i suppose. maybe a little tranquilizer will do the trick. (i am being sarcastic to those who don't know me)

i asked my mom about cutting annabelle's hair, and she told me that I didn't get a haircut until I was, it looks like i am safe for a while! good luck with adventures in hair cutting.

Daisy and Ryan said...

Where are you taking him? We took Aiden to a place that specializes in children's/baby haircuts, and it went so much better than we expected. I expected lots of fighting and jumping around. But the lady knew exactly what she was doing and kept him distracted the whole time. I feel bad that you're having such bad experiences! :( I know others that have had success cutting while the baby was asleep, too. I was afraid to attempt that with Aiden b/c he is SUCH a light sleeper - I haven't been able to cut his nails while he was asleep since he was four or so months (or earlier?). The price wasn't too cheap for this cut, but it was worth it to have a good experience. We went to Snip-its. Not sure if there is one where you are or not... Good luck with the next one!!

Becky said...

I just updated the post to assure everyone I am taking him to a child friendly salon. I'm pretty sure the cut in his sleep thing won't work, he is a very light sleeper. Besides, people go to school to cut hair, I'm not confident enough to even attempt more than a small edit. What I need to find is someone who makes house calls...

Daisy and Ryan said...

Oh, I hope you didn't take my comment in a negative way or assuming you were taking Colin to a sub-par place where they know nothing about cutting children's hair. :( I certainly didn't mean it that way! We had JUST taken Aiden to Snip-its and had a good experience, so I wanted to share. I feel bad that you aren't having similar experiences. I am with you on not attempting a cut myself - I definitely do not feel qualified. I have done/do Camden's from time to time when it's shorter, but he's older and sits still! No thanks to trying with a baby! I think your plan to warm Colin up sounds good. I am lucky that Aiden is fairly quick to warm up to others. Hopefully Colin will come around soon, and you'll get a good experience out of it! :)