Monday, August 31, 2009

More Advice for new parents.

Kristeen just sent me this and I thought I would pass it on. There is so much I want to say to all my friends having babies and I never feel like I can express it all or completely. Here is someone else's attempt:

An Open Letter to a New Momma

Go read it then come back.

I especially agree with the two paragraphs on 3am thoughts about sleep. When discussing Colin's sleep issues and multiple wake ups people often ask me 'How I do it?" and to be honest I've never really known. I just do. If you would have asked me in the year before I got pregnant if I could handle not sleeping for more than 4-6 hours a night for a year, I would have told you NO WAY. I always needed at least 7 hours to feel rested. Less than that and I would spend the day in a fog with a headache. Not true anymore I guess, and if I can do it I'm sure anyone can. I will tell you there were more than a handful of times when I teared up at 3am, but the good news is the times when those tears were because I felt blessed by those extra moments spent with my baby far outweighed the tears of frustration/desperation. Parenthood is an amazing thing, I will never be able to fully articulate how it feels but I'm loving it.


Erin said...

Very nice. I think that the people who like to ask "How do you DO it??" are people without children. Because people who have children understand -- you're a mom, you do whatever it is you need to do to care for your children. I get that a lot -- "How do you do it? How do you take care of twins?" Well -- what choice do I have? They need to be cared for, I am their mom -- and so I do it. And yes, it is exhausting -- but what else would I do?!

Becky said...

I totally agree with this except I still don't know how YOU do it! I totally get that you just do, but I can certainly appreciate how challenging it must be.

Sneks said...

Haha ... sounds like my post on amazement at child-rearing is a thought that everyone was having! I have always been amazed by you Becky, but I am super amazed at what a great mom you are!

Julie said...

that letter is very well written, and even though i have only been a mommy for a short while, i can totally relate. just today, annabelle would not eat for 6 hours (apparently she was working on a serious poop) and when i would try to feed her she would just choke and cry. then, she ate every hour for the next 3 hours! thank god i have a milk supply in the fridge! i was soooo worried about her not sticking to her usual routine, that i forgot that she is a human too....a little human who has tummy aches sometimes and who can be unpredictable.

i feel like i have no idea what i am doing, but from all of the kind advice i have received from my friends and family, i realize that i am not alone :)