Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Cookbook!

My swamp soup!

I recently purchased Toddler Café and have been thoroughly enjoying this cookbook. It has some really cute and creative ideas, some very simple and other more complex. For example, a simple idea is pb&j french toast! Some amazon reviewers were pretty snotty about this idea saying they didn't need a creative way to get their child to eat pb&j but honestly I think this is a GREAT idea and I wish I had thought of it! Colin doesn't like eggs so far, so I have to be creative in my presentation of eggs and this is a great way to get an extra protein boost into him. He loves it. We have even experimented with cream cheese and jelly french toast,and I would love to see if he will eat a pb&banana version. Plus I think this helps soften the taste of whole wheat bread.
Other fun things include pea pancakes and popcorn soup. Last night we tried some Swamp Soup, which honestly looked pretty gross but it was surprisingly not bad! It is made mostly with zucchini and avocado, and I would post the recipe but I think that would be copyright infringement. It didn't really have a strong flavor, Sean kept saying it tasted like butter, even Colin ate it. Unfortunately, he wanted to feed it to himself and he isn't quite to the point where that is possible with soup so we had to stop it. If your child likes Shrek I bet you could convince them that this was how Shrek got to be green! It would also be a fun thing to serve on St. Pattys Day, I know my cousin Andrea always serves green food for this holiday!!


Elaine said...

Pea pancakes sound a tad different, but I am not a pea fan...HOWEVER this may be exactly what the doctor ordered, as they say. If you typically do not like something, eating it through a toddler type cookbook may allow the item to be presented in a different way.

Kristeen said...

I've read several articles lately about how much it helps to rename food... like calling broccoli "Dinosaur Trees" and other fun, ridiculous stuff. I wish someone had done that when I was little! Anyway, sounds like a great cookbook!

Erin said...

I don't think it would be a copyright infringement to post the recipe because you aren't profiting from selling the recipe, and you would be properly crediting the creator. But -- Intellectual Property is a course I haven't taken yet, and I'm still 10 credits away from my JD, so probably not a good person to give you legal advice. :)

Glad Colin is doing well with the new recipes. My guys liked the sweet potato pancakes from that book by Jerry Seinfeld's wife, but I think the recipes in that are kind of craptastic.