Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trip to the Bronx Zoo

Sean and I decided to take advantage of the fact that we live in NYC today by taking Colin to the Bronx Zoo. With Colin's current nap schedule then lunch we didn't get on the road until 2:30 and were sort of apprehensive about paying over $50 for 2.5 hrs at the zoo, but we figured we would go for it. We've been thinking about getting a WCS Family membership (around $150) which gets you admission to most of the NY zoos and the aquarium for your family plus a 1 guest. However, as we drove in and prepared to pay for parking the parking attendant just waved us on. BONUS! Saved us $12! Since it wasn't a nice day (overcast and a bit drizzly on and off but no real rain) we figured they weren't charging for parking. Then we get up to the gate and there is no one inside the ticket booth and the gate is just open. DOUBLE BONUS! Saved us $30! The only thing we paid for was the extra fee for the Congo exhibit($6) (there are a few exhibits at the zoo you have to pay extra for but I think the money goes to conservation instead of the zoo itself) There were actually a lot of things closed (the children's zoo, snack bars and exhibits), I guess a recent storm took out some trees so some exhibits were closed and they must have predicted lower attendance due to the weather. It worked out great for us, it was like it was our own private day there were so few people there! Colin couldn't have gone to every exhibit anyway, so we didn't mind that some things weren't open (we would have liked to check out the children's zoo, but I imagine he is still a little young for it so no real loss.) So no membership for us yet, I guess we'll get it the next time we decide to go. Colin's favorite parts were the ducks (squatters, not actually zoo animals) and the trees/leaves. We did have a great little encounter with the gorillas in the Congo exhibit which really made the trip for us (see picture above.) Check out the rest of the pictures, there were too many cute ones to post them all here so I put them in a google picture album.


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AbbeM said...

Those are great pics Becky! We need to take Natalie to the National zoo (free!). I think she would love the animals! So glad you got a great deal on price, with not too many other people!