Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vacation Photos

Here are some photos from our long weekend in the Poconos. Colin really enjoyed the pool and swimming.

In this photo I am attempting to shelter us from the very hot sun. Katie (and Lauren) didn't seem to mind it. The fact that I am shaded only makes me look more ashen. (I'm actually tan by my own standards, try not to point and laugh)

We spent some time at the lake beach. They were draining the lake to fix the dam at the time. This made the water a little less appealing but it also meant that we had the beach mostly to ourselves. (You might be able to make out Sean in water)

Colin wearing my sunglasses and being a 'Cool Dude!" He refuses to wear his own sunglasses but will happily wear mine.
You will probably notice from this photo that I have returned to pre-pregnancy form. I'm not really happy about this. The crazy appetite I enjoyed while pregnant and bf-eeding is so far gone it has overcorrected in the wrong direction. I'm going to have to start knocking back the ensure shakes again to compensate. I know, I know, I will get no sympathy.

Going for a paddle boat ride, complete with personal flotation devises. (We brought Colin's with us to insure proper fit [read: to appease his mothers paranoia].) Katie and I got to relax while Lauren and Sean provided the foot power.

The overly friendly dear that beg like pigeons. Turns out they like wheat thins. Yeah I know we probably weren't supposed to feed them but come on how often do you get the opportunity to feed wild deer!?!?

Sean and Colin swimming in the lake. Turns out Colin HATES the sand ( I swear to you I was no where near him when we made this discovery so I did not influence it at all) Sean put his feet down and he lost his marbles. It took a lot of coaxing to get him into the lake after that but he warmed up. Good thing we brought the giraffe tent so he didn't have to touch the sand. He was seriously afraid of it coming anywhere near him.

Colin's favorite part of the house we rented was this little indoor wood pile stand. He apparently thought it was the perfect size for him to stand/sit on.

Colin and I on the beach. I'm on a blanket folks don't worry. No chance of me actually laying in contact with the sand. I didn't even want to go in the water for fear of the sand getting stuck to me but I relented in light of the fact that there was no wind to blow it around.

One last shot of my boys looking at something up the beach.


Anonymous said...

I was not aware of your aversion to sand, any reason that you will share?

Looks like you had GREAT weather and made a lifetime of memories to share!!!


Anonymous said...

where in the pocono's was this?

JJ said...

Elaine...blowing sand for Andy and Becky is A nightmare...don't ask me why??? It "all" washes off...but there you have it! It just creeps them out after too long. Over the years it's been a joke (inside my head) to count out how long they can last. It's usually 10 seconds. I figured with Andy it was just his swim team training and swimming in pools...but I wonder??? Will have to ask a few other Jones family members about this.

Kristeen said...

Funny, I never knew about your sand issue either, but I guess we were really never beach-goers together since you had a pool. I can't imagine Mr. Jones being averted to it (or anything for that matter) either. Interesting.

Remember the too-friendly deer at Casowasco?

Anonymous said...

not sure many of us other Jones have issues with sand special since quite a few live near the beach. Never knew that about Uncle Andy!
Becky you look so very young in the pic with you and Colin! ( with your hair wet) Like the last time I saw you up at Aunt Randi's! Looks like a great trip! BTW I am a fan of green food 4 St. Patty's Day!

JJ said...'s like it was his own little stage! These pictures are too cute. The sunglasses are too funny! I love the picture of you and Colin with the girls on the Paddle Boat. He is just having a ball!

Becky said...

Kristeen- you only don't 'know' about the sand thing because you block it out. You yell at me whenever I bring it up.
This vacation home was in the Masthope community which is near Big Bear and the closest town is Hawley.

If you are interested in renting this particular house you can email me off list for a link. However, check for tons of listings.