Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend in Pictures

A few weeks ago we noticed that this weekend was wide open on our schedule. Uh-oh, three full days with no plans?? Colin will not stand for this! Well it didn't take long to have all three days filled. Saturday we went into Manhattan and visited with Seca and Vlad. Seca is pregnant and due on Sept 9th so I was dropping off a few things that she was going to borrow for her baby. Colin decided he would help them out by showing them what aspects of their apartment would need to be baby proofed before Baby Colas (a girl) got mobile. [FYI: we will happily provide this service to other families for a small fee.] Eventually we all high tailed it out to Washington Square Park so he wouldn't break anything! =) It was nice to spend time with them and discuss little baby stuff. (I'm just realizing I didn't get any pictures of the adorably pregnant Seca, bummer!)

A little help from Vlad on the slide.
Walking in the park with Dad.
See look, NYC does have trees!

On Sunday we went up to visit my Aunt Sue and her family and go to a craft fair. Colin really enjoyed being able to run around in her yard and play outside unrestricted. He also got to meet another dog, a chocolate lab named Hazel. Luckily he met a smaller version a few weeks ago so the big one wasn't a total shock. They greeted each other through a gate at first so Colin could get warmed up to her and they both did very well.

"Now listen here dog, I make the rules in this town, but if you are good I'll toss you some scraps when the big ones feed me"
Joy bubbles out after he sees the dog on the other side of the gate.
A new favorite activity:climbing!
Accepting a hand down from Dad.

Hazel: "Mmm, tastes like peanut butter, my favorite."

Today (Monday) Sean's mom came in to spend some time with Colin. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of them together (I'm slacking these days) but I did get these cute photos of Colin doing yoga moves.

Look mama its easy. Just put your hands down like this.
"Now you put your head to the ground and just let your hands come to your sides." If only we all kept this kind of flexibility.
I know I'm his mother and thus programed to think this, but isn't he the cutest!?! Ugh I just love this kid. (Chewing on anything he can get in his mouth to reach those back teeth)


Kristeen said...

Funny, because I haven't really thought this since now, but in these pictures he looks so much more like a little boy, and less like a baby to me. I miss him!

Kristeen said...

Edit: I haven't thought this UNTIL now. Apparently my brain went on vacation for labor day weekend.

JJ said...

aahhh honey each one was more darling then the next! He IS just the cutest!! The picture of Colin giving Hazel the "rules" and the yoga positions are hysterical!!