Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Discount on Dropps.

I just wanted to pass along another new discount on laundry dropps. For the next three days you can get 30% off your bulk order (and free shipping) when you use coupon code: ThirtyOff. This brings the price down to 21cents a load.

This seems so trivial right now in light of everything going on in Haiti, but I'm passing it along none the less.


Anonymous said...

I did the math and it is about 25 cents per wash which is cheap. I talked to Brandon briefly but I will talk with him about it tonight.

Becky said...

This is an old post that I updated, so it still has the comments attached from the previous post. As you can see this coupon code is an even better deal than before.

Elaine and Brandon Carder said...

At first I was like- how odd that someone else reading it has a spouse named Brandon--then I saw September and thought..hey that was me!!! HA HA HA

I will put in to buy them tonight. Can you use these with babies or do you still have to use baby-type detergent?