Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pop on over

Two things you might be interested in right now.

Daisy is hosting a g-diaper giveaway, so go ahead and pop on over there and try to win yourself a g-diaper. Or you could win one and give it to someone who uses them (I was thinking Seca actually, not me! I have plenty.)

Sneks is helping her nephew raise money for Hunters Hope, a charity that is raising money and awareness for universal newborn screenings in general and Krabbe Disease in particular. I of course support any and all efforts to increase the likelihood that babies will live healthy lives. So pop on over there and donate $5 and maybe increase your karmic chances of winning one of Daisy's G-diapers.

1 comment:

Sneks said...

Thanks Becky! I appreciate it, my nephew appreciates it, and moms of newborns appreciate it!