Thursday, September 3, 2009

Surprise Tooth!

I'm not saying it was a surprise that Colin was teething, because we (and likely our neighbors) certainly KNEW that, the surprise was I thought he was working on his lower left molar and his lower right canine. Last night while he was on the changing table (remember we have the corner kind so he lays perpendicular to me) brushing his teeth I caught a flash of white on his upper right and got brave enough to stick my finger in his mouth to check. Surprise that tooth is OUT! So a guess all this pain and suffering has presumably been from THREE teeth (although the canine could still be a false alarm, it would be out of order and pretty early for that one to come now.) So a fat lot of good the orajel was doing that I've used a handful of times. If you don't get it on the right tooth it probably doesn't help much. He kept signing 'more', when I put it on him. I thought he just liked the taste, I didn't think he might be telling me I was doing it in the wrong spot (or not enough spots.) I'm certainly not complaining, the more he can get out at once the sooner we can be DONE with this craziness!

side note: I was originally against using orajel but he has been in more or less constant pain for the last three weeks and I refuse to have him on pain killers for 24hrs a day. Teething tablets worked well on the front teeth but molars are a whole different animal. I've been trying to hold him off during they day with other things and only use Motrin at night. Daisy wrote about a natural product she uses instead of orajel but I haven't been able to get that yet. The other thing that works with him are pacifiers filled with water and frozen (the avent kind are easy to fill.)


JJ said...

Low and behold...well I have always known the boy is a genius!! Hopefully his mouth will give him a bit of a break now...xoxo for my Colin

Daisy and Ryan said...

Poor guy - working on all those big teeth all at once! At least that's one less that still has to come through!!

Also - I happened to see that Whole Foods carries the Gum-omile oil, if you're still interested in trying it. The one here had several items made by that brand, at least.

Hope those other molars come through soon! Aiden still hasn't had any pop through, and I think he's having some pain again from the one that is the closest. Seems to be on and off with the pain lately.

Anonymous said...

we froze fruit and put it in the nets that they can chew on it works for the back teeth because they can get it back farther. Peaches work great, blueberries are good but messy, so make sure you have a not so good shirt on him! "more and please" were my favorite signs!