Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine?!?

My mom recently asked me if we were planning on getting vaccinated against the swine flu. My gut reaction was NO, but I hadn't really looked into it so I said so. Our pediatrician has never pushed the regular flu vax on Colin so I'm not sure if she would mention the swine flu vax either. Colin doesn't go see her again until he gets MMR at 15months (eek!) so you can bet money he won't get getting a swine flu vaccine at that time! Frankly, I think the swine flu is way over blown by the media and I am not alarmed by it. In fact I generally don't listen to anything about it...but my ears (well eyes) did perk up when I saw this... "Swine Flu Vax linked to Paralysis". So in answer to your question Mama, that is a big fat NO FREAKING WAY! Unless someone can convince me that the 1976 vax is vastly different than the new one and show me the research to prove that this one is safe.. oh right! They don't have to prove it is safe, just that it works! Right I forgot. Silly me.

I just found Dr. Sears' (author of The Vaccine Book) take on this issue if you are interested.


Kristeen said...

Ugh, I am all sorts of torn up about this. I think I'll be required to get it since I'll still be pregnant when it comes out. I got the regular flu shot because I always do (thanks, asthma) but this one makes me nervous. Two shots? Minimal research? Unborn child? Yikes.

AbbeM said...

Not only that, but a friend of mine forwarded an article stating that at least half of the swine flu vaccines they will be giving out contain thimerisol! I thought they had gotten rid of that from all vaccines, but apparently not. So I have NO plans for Natalie to get it.

Becky said...

Good call abbe, I had forgotten to mention that!

I word Kristeen: STALL! Don't be the first in line to get it. (I guess that was more than one word.

Nicole said...

I have an issue with a vaccine that they are skipping the testing process on! Besides it is no worse than the "normal" flu.

Erin said...

Our pediatrician is very pro-vaccine (although he did agree with our decision to delay MMR to 15-months) -- the boys have their 18-month appointment next Thursday, and I will be interested in talking with him about this. As of right now, I really don't think that the vaccination is necessary for my boys, although they will get a regular flu shot (which is recommended as one of the residual impacts of being a preemie).

Kristy said...

I delayed the MMR also to 18 months and have been told that I should get both the flu vaccines for Lukas. Since I just had pneumonia I probably will get the regular flu shot and so will Lukas (because he goes to a daycare with lots of other snot noses) but not the swine. The swine flu just seems to be easily treated.

Daisy and Ryan said...

I certainly won't be getting it, and neither will my children. I think it's terrible that they are encouraging pregnant moms to be first in line - with the lack of testing and unknown risks to the baby... I've been meaning to post some on this, too, but just haven't gotten around to it (along with so many other things...). We did talk to one of the allergists recently about this, and he thinks it's not necessary and that it is being blown way out of proportion (my thoughts exactly), esp the part about deaths from the flu. People do still die from the regular flu - and the same PERCENTAGE is expected to die from the swine flu. The actual number might be higher b/c more people will get the H1N1 flu b/c they are not as immune to that strain - this is how he explained it.

I also worry that there are more risks from the vaccine than the actual flu. This is what even happened back in the 70's with this same issue. The vaccine was more dangerous.

I haven't done a ton of research, I'll be honest, but I have read some and talked to lots of people about it. Here is a great blog that touches on it some and has plenty of links for you to check out. (Side note - she is also pregnant and being pushed to get this, so she's looked into it quite a bit and mentions that in her posts. She's NOT anti-vaccine, which she explains.) I think it's best to do your research before jumping the gun on this kind of vaccine. Here's the link to her posts 1) http://www.givethemroots.com/2009/08/swine-flu-vaccine-is-it-safe.html and 2) http://www.givethemroots.com/2009/08/update-swine-flu-vaccine.html

For us...we'll be washing our hands extra, making sure to eat really well, and doing all we can get prevent illness. Camden is in school, so we do have to be careful (we do get the regular flu shot - though Aiden is iffy now that we know he's allergic to eggs, but we'll be discussing that with the allergist soon). I'm not any more concerned about the swine flu than I would be the regular flu shot, to be honest. Media is trying to scare us...

Wash those hands and keep them away from your face! :)

Elaine said...

I have never got the flu shot on my own (perhaps as a baby I did) but I never have gotten one since then. I (knock on wood) am extremely healthy. I haven't had the flu since I was a young child. I have never had strep throat, never had chicken pox, etc...I am not against getting it but for me I do not have a health condition which may be impacted by getting the flu.

If I was pregnant I would definitely do research before taking something on doctor's recommendation alone. I feel that doctor's often recommend things without doing thorough research. I feel they may go off what is said to them by one source and often may not explore all outstanding research/opinions.

I agree with many of your friends that I have not seen the effects of swine flu being that significant to have caused the mass chaos/stir it has. Yes, when people due from the flu it is something to note, but most of the cases have been people with significant health issues. I have not heard of a otherwise healthy male/female getting the flu and dying.

I work in a school and there is much talk about it coming our way. Being a hypochondriac am I nervous?? No. I wash my hands before I eat and I try not to touch my eyes/mouth during the day (schools are DIRTY places) so I feel that I do what I can.